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This week the new product releases in the region focus on the
confectionery sector, with a series of launches in Poland, Czech
Republic and Hungary which reflect the growing popularity of

Starting off in Poland, Cadbury Wedel is launching a new line of chocolate covered toffees, Toflerki Toffi w Czekoladzie come in 90 gram servings wrapped in plastic flexible packaging. The product is being marketed at €0.50 and is a brand new product aimed at the family market.

Also in Poland, Leaf has launched a new line of sugared confectionery aimed at the children's market. Priced at €.017, Dropsy Mleczne o Smaku Poziomkowym from the Hops! Company comes in a 34 gram serving of milk drop pastilles with a strawberry flavouring. The product comes in a paper wrapping and is brightly decorated with a cartoon character, intended to appeal to the younger confectionery buyer.

Moving to the luxury end of the market, Mauxion Schokoladefabrik has launched Schogetten Trilogia Chocolate, a new variety of layered chocolate onto the market in the Czech Republic. Adding to an existing range, the chocolate bar comes in a 100 gram carton which is priced at €0.81. The product is basically a new flavour, which comes in the form of cubes comprising three layers: white chocolate with hazelnut brittle on hazelnut chocolate and milk chocolate.

Finally we move to Hungary where there are also two new product launches. The first is a new sugar confectionery product launch aimed at the adult market. Kiddy Coconut Bar is priced at €0.17 for a 25 gram bar and comes in a flexible plastic wrapping decorated with a tropical image of coconut. It is described by the manufacturer as a fondant coconut bar covered in a white coating, which consists of sugar, soy lecithin and milk powder.

The other Hungarian confectionery comes from Kras which has launched a new chocolate bar, Kras Dorina Super Milk Chocolate. Packaged in flexible paper consisting 80 gram tablets, this is an entirely new product line aimed at the family market. The company describes it as a creamy milk chocolate, flavoured with hazelnuts.

This range of finished food and drink products is part of a selection from Mintel's Global New Products Database​.

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