Javo, WILD team up to push coffee flavours

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Javo Beverage Company has teamed up with flavour giant WILD Flavors
to supply coffee flavouring systems to the packaged food and
beverage industries.

The local coffee shop has evolved radically over the past few years in the UK and the US. Gone are the days when the consumer is presented with a watery cup of lukewarm coffee. Today, not only do we have a plethora of styles - cappuccino, latte, espresso, macchiato - but also a veritable gamut of flavours.

Reflecting the continued interest in flavoured coffees, and not only for drinking but in other food and drink products, Javo Beverage Company, a manufacturer of liquid coffee concentrates, has teamed up with flavour giant WILD Flavors, to supply coffee flavouring systems to the packaged food and beverage industries.

WILD will collaborate with Javo in the selling and formulation of custom, turnkey flavour systems for customers who are preparing to introduce coffee flavoured beverages, ice creams or other food products. WILD said it is committed to using Javo extracts - exclusively - within its global selling and distribution system.

Cody Ashwell, CEO of Javo Beverage, commented: "Javo brings new technology to the task of supplying distinctive and robust coffee flavours. The partnership with WILD is really about working together on behalf of the customer to make sure Javo's high-quality coffee flavors are at the laboratory bench where products are being developed."

According to a statement this week, WILD plans to use Javo's coffee extracts to expand its range of products and services.

"Whether in an iced coffee or coffee flavoured dessert, US consumers, like their European counterparts, are demanding the same genuine coffee flavour they have learned to enjoy at specialty coffee houses,"​ said Roman Kupper, senior vice president of sales & strategic planning at WILD Flavors - North America. "The trend towards premium coffee flavoured products has come to the forefront rather quickly and has produced a large number of flavouring projects within the packaged food and beverage industries."

Highlighting the benefits of the collaboration, Victoria de la Huerga, vice president of the Beverage Unit at WILD, said:"Coffee is a highly complex flavour and challenging for food and beverage companies to deliver on a commercial scale. Javo's extracts are unique in the industry because they are remarkably pure and stable enough to work in most food applications."

Javo's coffee-based extracts can be produced at lower acid and oil levels, resulting in a finished consumer product that has exceptional mixability and process stability, claims the company this week."WILD​ dramatically extends the reach of our sales and customer service groups into the food ingredients industry at a time when so many companies are looking to take advantage of the consumer demand for premium coffee flavours,"​ added Javo president Gary Lillian.

Javo recently announced the completion of its "first-of-a-kind" coffee-brewing facility in the San Diego area with the capacity to produce over 2 million gallons of premium coffee concentrates and extracts annually.

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