Uflex predicated the Indian domestic aseptic packaging market will double from 8bn packs annually within 3-4 years

Uflex taps into aseptic packaging demand

By Joseph James Whitworth

Uflex is expanding an Indian plant to move into aseptic packaging with the facility expected to be operational by April 2017.

LiquiGlide’s coatings to hit shelves in 2015

Slippery coating tested on Heinz ketchup

LiquiGlide’s coatings to hit shelves in 2015

By Jenny Eagle

LiquiGlide is celebrating an anniversary milestone after seeing demand grow for its Invention of the Year Award, a wet slippery coating used in packaging.

Free-flow fluids

Free-flow fluids

Researchers at the University College of Dublin are claiming that
real time process control for food manufacturers - and more
specifically the confectionery sector - has been advanced thanks to
pioneering work into viscosity measurement...


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