When it comes to purchasing behavior, product knowledge is even more important than taste physiology. Pic: Getty/Rawpixel

Should brands be marketing to ‘supertasters’?

By Beth Newhart

Taste sensitivity could be an untapped sector for beverages like wine and coffee, according to new research from Cornell University. Supertasters and nontasters respond differently to sensory information, with potential for new marketing strategies.

The study examines the sensory perception of four wines consumed by test participants both with and without four types of cheese. ©iStock/Evgeny Karandaev

Wine and cheese do go hand in hand, study says

By Mary Ellen Shoup

The Center for Taste and Feeding Behavior in Dijon, France, conducted a scientific study using a new sensory evaluation method to identify how exactly eating cheese with wine impacted an individual’s tastes and preferences.

Source: E. Crawford

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Spindrift finds cans better distinguish sparkling water from soda

By Elizabeth Crawford

Small changes in how Spindrift approached the fast-growing sparkling water category added up to a big opportunity for the brand, sales of which have grown 16 times since 2009, according to the company’s CEO and Founder Bill Creelman. 

Robotic ‘tongue’ tipped to cut beer fraud

Robotic ‘tongue’ tipped to cut beer fraud


Scientists have developed an electronic tongue to distinguish between different beers with 82% accuracy and claim the invention could be used to improve product quality and reduce fraud.

Flavor hops inspire world beer revolution: Barth-Haas group

Flavor hops inspire world beer revolution: Barth-Haas group


The world's largest hops company, Barth-Haas group, tells BeverageDaily.com why so-called 'flavor' hops are ushering in a revolution in beer flavors, starting with the craft beer phenomenon in the US but now spreading across Europe and...

Coca-Cola reformulates Glacéau vitaminwater with stevia in GB

Coca-Cola reformulates Glacéau vitaminwater with stevia in GB

By Ben Bouckley

Coca-Cola has reformulated Glacéau vitaminwater for the British market by revamping packaging and reformulating its eight-strong range with a stevia-based sweetener that cuts sugar levels by 30% and cuts the calorie count by 30 per bottle. 


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