Super Bowl

Hard seltzer products made up 20% of all online beer sales through Drizly on Super Bowl Sunday. Pic: Getty/Davizro

Beer and seltzer dominate ads and consumption for Super Bowl LIV

By Beth Newhart

Million-dollar commercials, glitzy halftime performances and a championship football game all come together in one of alcohol’s biggest holidays of the year. Every year, Americans prepare for Super Bowl Sunday with more than $2bn in booze sales.

SodaStream wants the product to be used daily by customers

SodaStream: More than a one-off gift?

By Hal Conick

When pushing a new product into the already-crowded beverage market, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. SodaStream’s US President John Sheppard said the company’s biggest challenge is to be seen as more than just a kitschy gift item.

A still from Coke's controversial 2013 Super Bowl ad (Picture Copyright: The Coca-Cola Company)

Coke Super Bowl ad 'not racist': readers


Despite Coke's 2013 Super Bowl ad drawing criticism from some Arab-American groups who claimed that it furthered racist stereotypes, a clear majority of readers disagree, although one critic attacked it more broadly, saying it 'smacks...

Still from the new Coke advert (Picture Copyright: The Coca-Cola Company)


Coke 2013 Super Bowl ad draws Arab-American race criticism


Several Arab-American groups have attacked Coke for a 2013 Super Bowl advert that shows an Arab walking through the desert with a camel, with some claiming that it perpetuates racist stereotypes.


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