‘The market is demanding diversification’ Sidel EvoFILL

‘The market is demanding diversification’

By Rachel Arthur

Cans are predicted to keep growing in popularity over the coming years: but as they do so, manufacturers will want to create increasingly diverse portfolios to stand out in the market place. For manufacturers, this brings additional demands and a need...

Keeping light-weighted PET bottles user-friendly and safe: Sidel

Keeping light-weighted PET bottles user-friendly and safe: Sidel

By Rachel Arthur

Laboratory testing simulates the conditions light-weighted PET bottles have to endure throughout the supply chain, meaning any issues can be rectified before the product is used in the market. Once a bottle is released, addressing problems can be very...

Savings that stack up? Sidel's new 'Stack & Pack' bottles suit all kinds of liquid non-carbonates


Breakthrough stackable PET bottle could generate 'significant savings': Sidel

By Ben Bouckley

Sidel has unveiled novel stackable PET bottle technology for mid-sized bottles and tells that the technology could hit the market by 2013, where touted advantages include better stackability, space savings and reduced transport costs.


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