EFSA caffeine opinion could see firms increasing the size of sports products in order to legally target sportspeople like rugby players who may weigh more than 70 kg, according to Legal Foods

What will EFSA’s caffeine opinion mean for product formulation?

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

The European Food Safety Authority’s (EFSA) safe upper limit for caffeine could mean a de facto ban for 80% of UK males, whose average weight would take them over the body weight referenced in the opinion, according to a food law expert.

Quicker meat processing

Quicker meat processing

A processing system for cutting fixed weight and uniformly shaped
poultry fillet portions has been developed by Iceland-based
equipment giant Marel. The company claims that the system is unique
as it is capable of processing four...

The dream machine

The dream machine

Scanvaegt has launched a new system aimed at reducing give-away in poultry processing. The DreamBatcher is said to substantially reduce wastage by enhancing the efficiency of the packaging processing.

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