Minimum unit pricing on alcohol could break free trade rules

Minimum unit pricing on alcohol could break free trade rules

By Rachel Arthur

Scotland’s plans for minimum unit pricing on alcohol could break free trade rules, says the advocate general for the European Court of Justice; but the Scottish government says it will continue to ‘vigorously make the case’ for the policy.

HPP backing for the product which is set to launch soon

HPP validation for chewable juices

By Joseph James Whitworth

Harvest Soul's juices have received validation from independent labs that high pressure processing (HPP) protects them against unhealthy bacteria and microorganisms.

Dr Deb reacts to Monster Energy threat: 'Let's air your dirty laundry'

nutritionist enlists senatorial support as monster threatens legal action

Dr Deb reacts to Monster Energy legal threat: 'Let's air your dirty laundry in public'


Senator Richard Blumenthal has denounced Monster on Twitter for threatening kids’ nutritionist ‘Dr Deb’ with legal action, following ‘false and defamatory’ statements on energy drinks made in a newsletter aimed at children aged 6-10 and their parents.

Austrian Flag

Austrian prosecutors drop Hitler spirits probe

By Ben Bouckley

Austrian prosecutors have dropped a legal case that followed complaints about alcohol being sold online that carried portraits of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and swastikas on labels.

Stoli stand-off continues

Stoli stand-off continues

SPI, the company which owns the popular Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya
vodka brands, is to take legal action in the European courts to
prevent the Russian government from hindering distribution of the
vodka throughout the Union, a move...


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