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We will not let our children and youngsters be misguided about the food and drinks they consume, says MEP behind the motion. ©

strasbourg plenary vote

MEPs block 4 caffeine claims

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have voted to veto four caffeine health claims following a lively debate on energy drinks in a Strasbourg plenary today. 

Some of the products high in salt, fat or sugar that claim to be healthy. Photo: FoodWatch

80% of surveyed products don't pass WHO nutrient profile

Survey blasts industry & EU for allowing unhealthy foods to make health claims

By Niamh Michail

What’s the difference between a chocolate bar and an apple? Not much if you go by the misuse of health claims on food in Germany and the Netherlands says campaign group FoodWatch, after evaluating over 600 products making prominent claims to be healthy,...

Joint health, weight management and heart health claims will underpin the next generation of functional and healthy beverages, according to VIRUN CEO Philip Bromley


Searching for the Holy Grail: Science-backed functional beverages


Philip Bromley from US biotech firm VIRUN tells that one form of the science ‘Holy Grail’ is a pill that gives you everything food does and more, without Oompa Loompa-style side-effects, but in the meantime there are science-backed functional...

EFSA rejects 6 article 13.5 opinions

EFSA rejects 6 article 13.5 health claim opinions

By Shane Starling

EFSA’s health claims panel has rejected 6 article 13.5 health claims for two digestion-focused probiotic submissions; cranberry and UTI; a potato extract and weight management; krill and menstrual discomfort; and fizzy water and GI response.

Vox pop: December 14 EU health claim deadline

December 14 EU health claims deadline

Stakeholder vox pop: December 14 EU health claim deadline

By Shane Starling

With the December 14 enforcement of the EU's article 13 general function health claim list that includes 200+ approved claims and about 1500 rejections just two days away (after a six month lay-period), we polled key players for core reactions.

What kind of health claims will be made on the Vitafoods show floor this year?

Vitafoods: EU nutra space wriggles into new health claims clothes

By Shane Starling

Vitafoods celebrates its 15th birthday next week. It’ll be my 11th consecutive May visit to Geneva for the jamboree and promises to be one of the most intriguing chapters with the (partial and belated) resolution of years of ambiguity regarding health...

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