Food And Drug Administration

Federal agencies are offering grants for programs that will educate small food processors and farmers about food safety.

Goal: Help small operations comply with FSMA

Competitive grants on tap to fund food safety training for small businesses

By Heidi Parsons

Having identified a need to provide food safety training to small food processors and farm owners, two US federal agencies have announced they will collaboratively administer a competitive grant program that will fund such training. 

US FDA BPA safety findings

US FDA updates its website on latest BPA safety findings

‘No information to change current BPA exposure guidelines’

By Jenny Eagle

The US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has updated its website to reflect the findings of its latest assessment on Bispenol A (BPA), claiming an adequate margin of safety exists at current levels of exposure from food contact uses.  

Recycled PET from Phoenix Technologies has received the go-ahead from the EFSA to be used in food packaging.

EFSA gives recycled PET a thumbs up

By Jenni Spinner

Phoenix Technologies has received approval from the EFSA for its recycled PET technology to be used in food packaging.

Mark Phillips issues an impassioned online defense of Palcohol

'Like so many others he is completely ignorant about the truth of Palcohol': Mark Phillips

Powdered alcohol creator blasts Sen. Schumer’s ‘completely ignorant’ attack


The colourful creator of Palcohol powdered alcohol has hit out at New York senator Charles Schumer after the politician wrote to the US FDA calling on it to ban controversial product Palcohol before the prospect of US sales by autumn 2014.

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