“People want to avoid calories and sugar, but they also don’t necessarily want the current options that are out there in artificial.” Pic: Cargill

EverSweet fights stevia aftertaste with fermentation

By Beth Newhart

Cargill thinks the future ‘looks bright’ for stevia in beverages thanks to fermentation that extracts the smaller, sweeter compounds in the leaf. It’s been one year since Cargill launched its zero-calorie EverSweet ingredient with the technology.

The sale is expected to boost Axéréal's global malt footprint.

Cargill sells malt business to Axéréal

By Beth Newhart

French grain cooperative Axéréal will acquire Cargill’s malt business under the Axéréal malt subsidiary Boortmalt, affecting 15 global facilities and more than 500 people.

Stevia companies target half-sugar soft drinks

Stevia companies target half-sugar soft drinks


The taste of stevia-derived sweeteners has come a long way in just a few short years, and the major stevia suppliers are now focusing on cutting sugar by half in mainstream soft drinks.

Cargill vs Chavez: Clash of the rice titans

Cargill vs Chavez: Clash of the rice titans

Clutched to the president’s chest like a medal of nationalisation, Cargill Venezuela cannot be sitting very comfortably this week as it awaits the fate of its rice plant.

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