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The Roadmap highlights the industry’s commitment to having 90% of all beverage cartons collected for recycling, and to have at least 70% of all beverage cartons recycled by 2030. Pic: Getty Images/curtoicurto

Advancement for beverage carton recycling

By Jim Cornall

EXTR:ACT, the European platform to improve and increase the recycling of beverage cartons and similar fiber-based multi-material packaging in Europe, has announced four projects allow roughly 50,000 tonnes of non-fiber components of beverage cartons to...

Anchor Food Professionals chef Keith McDonald makes tea macchiatos with Fonterra’s Susan Cassidy.

Fonterra adds new beverage division

By Jim Cornall

New Zealand dairy cooperative Fonterra is adding a new channel to its global foodservice business – Beverage House – to capitalize on what it says is an increased global demand for ‘adventurous’ tea and coffee drinks.

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Beverage Industry Voices: ‘What do you do?’


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‘US consumers will stop buying Coca-Cola’: 7 Key Trends report

‘US consumers will stop buying Coca-Cola’: 7 Key Trends report


The US beverage industry must accept seven key changes in the near future, including a slump in traditional soda sales and touch sensitive labeling, according to a white paper penned by five analysts on behalf of the forthcoming Healthy Beverage Expo...

Do drink makers have stomach for anti-obesity fight?

Do drink makers have stomach for anti-obesity fight?

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Bravo! The beverage industry has responded enthusiastically to Mrs. Obama’s campaign to tackle childhood obesity - but there’d better be more than froth behind that sparkling rhetoric.


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