InfinityQS International, Inc.

InfinityQS International, Inc.

Celebrating its 30th year, InfinityQS® is the leading global provider of manufacturing Quality Intelligence software and services. Powered by a robust Statistical Process Control (SPC) analytics engine, the company’s solutions—Enact® and ProFicient™—deliver unparalleled visibility and strategic insight across the enterprise, from the plant floor to the boardroom. InfinityQS enables manufacturers to improve product quality, decrease cost, improve compliance, and make data-driven business decisions.

Companies using InfinityQS software gain the support of a world-class team of expert quality professionals, including Industrial Statisticians, Certified Quality Engineers (CQEs), and Six Sigma Black Belts. These experts help your quality team implement InfinityQS software and provide ongoing consultation, plus we leverage the expertise of our staff to develop new software tools and analysis techniques.

Headquartered near Washington, D.C. and with offices in Seattle, London, Beijing, and Delhi, InfinityQS has thousands of customers around the world, including Nestlé Waters, Ball Corporation, and Graham Packaging.

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