GAT Foods

GAT Foods

Gat Foods is a global producer and marketer of a broad range of industrial products for the beverage industry. Our product range includes drinks bases and emulsions, as well as NFC juices, juice concentrates and a variety of fruit based drinks ingredients. We also offer products for Food Service drink dispensers.

Our drinks bases and ingredients are used to produce Still, Carbonated, Energy & Sport Drinks, Nectars, Syrups, Smoothies, RTD Tea, Organic Drinks, Alcopops, Dairy/Soy beverages and Flavored Water. Our products are based on a large variety of fruits. 

Since our establishment in 1942, we have been serving customers on all 5 continents, including: bottlers, flavor houses, food service companies, retail chains, and distribution companies. While operating globally, our products and services are tailor made for each individual industrial customer. 

Our extensive fruit drinks expertise stems from our unique vertically integrated structure: growing citrus, processing fruit, producing a wide range of beverage ingredients, bottling and marketing. As a global B2B player, as well as the owner of the 'Prigat' brand, we are constantly at the forefront of new global & local trends and innovative beverages; The 'Prigat' brand is a market leader in a number of countries.

Our in-depth professional knowhow is most evident in our R&D department, which is constantly developing innovative, cutting edge beverage solutions that have achieved proven 'on the shelf' success worldwide.