Frigel Group

Frigel Group

Frigel is a market leader in intelligent process cooling.  The Frigel group includes the following companies: Frigel Firenze S.p.A, Frigel Custom Cooling Solutions s.r.l., Frigel Intelligent Energy Solutions s.r.l. , Frigel North America Inc., Frigel Asia Pacific Company Ltd, Frigel Latino America Ltda, Frigel GmbH.  It also has a worldwide network of agents and distributors.

Frigel manufactures and markets intelligent, integrated, cooling systems, made of a variety of parts, such as the Ecodry adiabatic liquid cooler, Microgel, Heavygel and Multistage chillers and chiller/temperature control units, as well as a full array of pumping and filtration equipment, all designed and engineered to fit specific applications, such as plastic molding, beverage preparation and filling, oil&gas.

Frigel develops and customizes internally all microprocessor and PLC-based controls for all its products and solutions.  Its products and technology has been proven at more than 6,000 manufacturing installations worldwide. Customer productivity, efficiency and environmental sustainability are at the forefront of any solution developed by Frigel.

In 2016 the Frigel Group and its 240 employees achieved a turnover of around 50 million Euro. 

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