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Hello Day Smoothies receive vegan certification

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Vegan certification for smoothie brand as category continues to grow

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As consumers focus evermore on health and wellbeing, an interest in pack claims and nutritional labels has grown.

The V-Label registered seal for labelling vegan and vegetarian products and services is one of the world's most recognized symbol in the food segment. It gives people the confidence to choose products that do not contain ingredients sourced from animals and align with their lifestyle.

In June 2023, vegan status was granted to three Hello Day! Smoothie flavours: pineapple, passion fruit, and mango. According to the tagline ‘Hello Day! Change Your Life!’ the Agus brand was created in response to the needs of consumers seeking healthy and low-processed food and beverages that taste delicious. This label confirms that the drink does not have and does not use direct ingredients of animal origin in its production. Thanks to carrying the V-Label, consumers will be able to identify and implement it into their lifestyles, quickly and confidently.

Agus’ liquid snack has fulfilled the demanding requirements for food items applying for this prestigious certification.

“Hello Day! Smoothie is a prime example of how Agus can support consumers in changing the way they eat. This healthy beverage consists of simple, low-processed, non-concentrated purees and juices and – notably on the market – coconut cream,” says Jarosław Bańda, Communications Director at Agus.

Supporting balanced lifestyles

Hello Day! is a response to ever evolving consumer needs and changing eating habits. Consumers today are looking for delicious, yet healthy and simple products that help to maintain a balanced diet and support wellbeing, both at the product and brand value level.

According to brand mantra ‘Hello Day! Change Your Life!’ Agus is committed in supporting consumers to make positive changes to the way they eat, live, and think about the world around them by challenging their habits and attitudes.

The recent vegan certification of its flagship product has solidified this ethos. Thanks to its uniquely thick consistency, Hello Day! Smoothie can successfully supplement the daily diet as a delicious and filling snack during the day, combining clean label attributes with great taste. 

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Innovations behind the formulation

Hello Day! Smoothie is produced in aseptic processing technology, creating a shelf-stable beverage which does not need refrigeration. To achieve a 12-month shelf life, the bottle has a protective barrier, which resists the harmful effects of oxygenation, by reducing product ageing and colour degradation and ensures that the drink retains its taste, aroma, and freshness over a long shelf life.

This means that from a logistical perspective, it does not require temperature-controlled environments which typically have a significant impact on cost and margin optimization in the supply chain. In stores, the smoothies can be displayed in two shopping areas: in chillers and in ambient, fully complementing the grocery offer and the ‘to go’ category.

Consumers will appreciate a 100% recyclable 250ml bottle and in a handy single-serve portion with a shape designed to allow for easy packing into a backpack or bag.

Distinctive visual brand identity

This visual identity concept, which makes the brand stand out from the competition on the store shelf, is a strategic selling tool. The packaging features a colorful ‘awning’, inspired by the typical American farmer’s market and French lemarché,​ evoking the idea of a traditional grocery market offering food directly from farmers.

A unique design solution was also applied to the bottle sleeve. Made from glycol-free Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) material, it boasts a transparent-window combined with a selective printed matte texture which gives the bottle a premium positioning. And, despite the bottle’s compact size, it has the capacity to be labelled in 10 languages. This makes it easy to expand the distribution area of this liquid snack to key markets around the globe.

Innovating for the future

As smoothies have made their way onto supermarket shelves, the refreshing, thick-style drinks have become increasingly popular every year. Market data forecasts the Other Juice, Juice Mixtures & Smoothies category will grow by 6.4% in volume in 2023, reaching market value of almost €16 million by 2026.1

“The market data is very promising and confirms that we have taken the right path with our smoothies,” adds Bańda. “We are constantly looking for new business partners, offering them a branded product, packed with genuine consumer advantages, and attractive terms. We are also working to further develop the product portfolio.”

Bańda says: “Our DNA is to win the hearts of customers around the world by innovating and creating food and beverage products that meet their everyday needs and desires.”

Agus is a food and beverage company leading in dairy, beverages, snacks among others, with a mission to win the hearts of customers around the world by innovating and creating food and beverage products that meet their everyday needs and desires. As well as Hello Day! its international and regional brands include Royal Milk, Olimp Milk, Diamond Milk, Imperial, Pride, Majestic, Milmo and Milky.

As Agus continues to innovate with new ranges of bottled smoothies, including vegetable, plant-based and oat varieties, as well as new smoothie concepts in different packaging formats and consumption occasions, it retains the same smoothie spirit. Hello Day! also offers honey nut bars; based exclusively on natural ingredients, the bars contain roasted, high-quality nuts and 20% blossom honey.


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