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BIOTI: Launching an immunity-boosting prebiotic beverage
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BIOTI: Launching an immunity-boosting prebiotic beverage

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A functional beverage containing patented galacto-oligosaccharides to help support a healthy gut and beautiful skin.

Prebiotics beverage BIOTI was launched in South Korea. Covid-19 has accelerated demand for functional benefits and the functional beverage sector is expected to gain traction as more ‘lifestyle consumers’ are attracted to the category.

The functional beverage market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.66% to reach $208.13 billion by 2024, according to a report by Research And Markets. Global functional beverage consumption is driven by the consumer’s inclination toward non-alcoholic beverages. Consumers are ready to pay a premium for various functional advantages and manufacturers are embracing innovation to gain position in the market.

This shows that consumers not only want to consume beverages that are lower in sugar, they also look actively for added health-enhancing ingredients. This trend led to the launch of BIOTI, a new prebiotics beverage that meets consumer expectations around taste, texture as well as functionality.

What is prebiotic?

Ingredients in foods that promote or activate the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the intestine are called prebiotics. Bifidobacteria and lactobacillus are well known beneficial microorganisms in the intestine. 

These bacteria do a variety of things that promote human health, including aiding digestion, promoting mineral absorption, boosting immunity and skin improvement. Due to the decrease of the intestinal pH caused by their fermentation, prebiotics create a good environment for beneficial microorganisms in the intestine, so beneficial microorganisms can live longer rather than harmful bacteria. Prebiotics act selectively on these beneficial bacteria, and possibly inhibit the growth of harmful ones.

Usually compounds that can be classified as prebiotics should meet the following criteria:

1) non-digestible and resistant to breakdown by stomach acid and enzymes in the human gastrointestinal tract

2) selectively fermented by intestinal microorganisms

3) selectively targeting and stimulating the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria

4) resists heat treatment during food processing and low pH of food products

Why didn’t these prebiotics exist before?

Despite well-established efficacy in the scientific literature, it has been hard to formulate commercialized prebiotics into consumer products.

This is because many commercialized prebiotics are easily broken up by heat and pH in the manufacturing and storage of confectionaries, jellies, candies, and especially beverages. Bioti has successfully overcome this weakness by using galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) - a very stable prebiotic that is able to withstand harsh heat and pH treatment.

Heat and pH resistance tests showed perfect results with 98.9% and 100%, respectively. Prebiotic GOS in Bioti remain intact throughout the digestive process and reach the intestine, allowing consumers to enjoy full value and benefits of prebiotics with a quick, easy and affordable daily beverage. 

It is especially recommended for people who are watching their weight due to its low calories. One bottle of 500ml beverage contains only 45Kcal. No sugar, no additive colors, no preservatives were added, making bioti a better, healthier beverage alternative.

Immunity and GRAS approval, clinical data

GOS used in Bioti has GRAS certified by the US Food and Drug Administration. It also received patents in South Korea for its high content of galactosyllactose - a Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO).

HMO has long been used in infant formula because it promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria, reduces the invasion of harmful bacteria, and supports the operation of a healthy intestinal immune system.

Bioti’s GOS has been proven through various in-vivo, in-vitro, and clinical studies to support gut health, immune health, and even skin health.


A clinical study with more than 80 participants with age ranges from 30 to 69 has shown daily dosage equivalent to one Bioti bottle a day reduces the number and depth of wrinkles, brightens skin tone and improves skin moisture. (Reference: Asia Pac J Clin Nutr 2017;26(4):613-618)

Enjoy Bioti – an all-in-one beverage with clinically proven benefits for better gut health, skin health, and immune health.