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Agus unveils innovative beverage indulgence with jelly coconut cubes

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Redefining beverage indulgence with jelly coconut cubes

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Consumers are constantly searching for delights and are eager to satisfy their hunger for new experiences in the indulgence category.

This creates great opportunities for manufacturers.

A fresh perspective on indulgence has emerged, bringing a new level of enjoyment. This approach is a complete re-evaluation of the traditional view of the indulgence category. Until now, this category has been predictable and associated mostly with ice creams, chocolate and snacks.

Beverage indulgence and pleasure

As coined by Theodore Levitt, professor at Harvard Business School, “sell the hole, not the drill”, this famous phrase reflects the hidden desires of marketing and product development teams around the world. Agus conceptually points to the benefits rather than the physical features of the products and sees in it the greatest market potential.

Agus has responded to these needs by creating a new beverage innovation, Hello Day! Magico, which includes a seemingly opposing combination: liquid and solid. This unique blend of two contrasting sensations: chewing and drinking, satisfies consumers seeking enhanced sensory experiences.

The enjoyment is created by springy jelly coconut chunks (nata de coco), providing pleasure and indulgence by biting into and chewing these jelly cubes dipped in a juice drink.

“Our work on Hello Day! Magico began with the consumer's needs and wants,” says Jaroslaw Banda, Agus’ Communications Director.

“We asked ourselves what they want to feel like when they reach for our drink? What journey do we want to take them on? What sensory experiences do we want to offer them? And how do we want to surprise them? These were our fundamental questions.

And the answers to those questions clearly showed us what is the final, physical thing, the consumer is willing to pay for.”

Playing with the structure of nata de coco, its squeezability and springiness, while sipping the fruity drink, consumers get the feeling of being teleported to paradise. The composition of the drink gives unexpected sensations. Physical product features lead directly to emotional benefits. Indeed, magic happens.

“Hello Day! Magico is aimed at all age groups, who are looking for a non-obvious delightful beverage. Knowing this, we did not leave anything to chance. Each element is carefully refined: from the calibration of the coconut cubes, through flavor variations, to the wide bottle neck that facilitates the consumption. We didn't want to be a one-time adventure in the hands of the consumer. You can say that we are very serious when it comes to indulgence,” adds Banda.

Design that sells emotions

Agus has partnered with Break Design, a brand and packaging design agency. Break Design has been responsible for creative aspects of this project, from brand positioning concept and naming to visual identity, including logo, packaging design, and key visual. The agency brought a fresh look to the project and a lot of Italian style. 


“The name Magico comes from the combination of magic and coconut. It has also an Italian sound and soul [Italian: mà·gi·co], meaning magic. Being an Italian agency, we are fully aware of the power of our language,” says Giorgio Garavaglia, Break Design’s Managing Partner.

“We were looking for ways to communicate a unique, indulging experience that would magically take consumers to different places. So, we thought: let the Italian language work its wonders… See, recognize, remember. That is what we wanted consumers to do, so we aimed for a very symbolic visual identity.

We needed an icon that would bring in the magic, and at once be like a statement: here I am! The star was the perfect one. It is very simple, yet we made it irregular and a little bit diagonal to be more dynamic and unique. The blue is a very visible color and also one traditionally connected to magics, just think of Merlin’s cloak,” Garavaglia adds.

Hello Day! Magico premier will take place at Gulfood, Dubai between 19 - 23 February 2024. The launch will be based on three flavors: mango, lychee and coconut. More flavors are already developed, ready for listings. The drink has sugar below 5g/100ml and is presented in 500ml PET bottle with a convenient 38mm diameter cap. Agus will display it at the booth Hall Shk Saeed S1 - A 32.

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