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Upcycled Barley: today’s most modern ancient grain

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Upcycled Barley: Today’s most modern ancient grain

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The latest “it” plant protein that delivers great taste and quality nutrition at a lower carbon footprint.

Barley is an ancient grain dating back 10,000 years. High in nutrients, sustainably grown, and an integral part of our food supply today, barley has historically been used en masse by the beer brewing and agricultural industries. Now, barley is gaining a new life as a taste-forward, plant protein ingredient through recent, heightened interest in upcycling.

With the starch fraction of a whole barley grain extracted in brewing kettles around the world, brewers’ spent grain, otherwise known as upcycled barley protein, promises plentiful, nutrient-dense, functional, climate-resilient, and plant-based sources of nutrition for the world’s population.

Upcycled Barley Protein

EverPro®​ is the world’s first – and only – Upcycled™ Certified barley protein ingredient on the market today. Available at scale in the U.S.A. as from summer 2022, EverPro promises a subtly sweet flavor and silky-smooth texture at 98% solubility, optimal for plant-based milks, sports, and nutrition drinks. Upcycled Certified and Non-GMO Project Verified, EverPro has a protein bioavailability score of 90% and combines well with other plant or animal-based proteins for better taste and a complete protein profile.

The use of an upcycled barley protein such as EverPro reduces the need for – and thereby the costs of – bitter blockers and ‘helper’ proteins that are more expensive and challenging to procure, such as pumpkin or watermelon.  Furthermore, combining EverPro with pea protein enables better nutrition through a PDCAAS score of 1.0 and an optimal taste experience.

Better protein beverages

Having been cited as key to Fast Company’s​ recent choice for the No. 1 Most Innovative Company in North America, EverPro upcycled barley protein not only promises better plant protein beverages, but does so by outperforming taste standards in sports nutrition drinks, protein powders, and dairy alternative formulations when compared with best-in-class plant or whey based formulations.

Based on more than 140 blind consumer taste test results, EverPro’s team has recently achieved the creation of the highest plant protein (35g/serving) sports nutrition shake on the market today, with a taste that a majority (54%) of consumers of nutrition beverages prefer.

EverPro also boasts enabling the No. 1 best-tasting chocolate (2-to-1) and vanilla (3-to-1) shakes and the No. 1 best-tasting chocolate (4-to-1) and vanilla (10-to-1) protein powders, beating out the best whey as well as pea/rice protein powders available today. And given its low viscosity that reflects traditional milk in mouthfeel, EverPro has also achieved the No. 1 best-tasting plant-based milk versus market-leading oat-based and pea-based milks.

Addressing food waste

According to the Upcycled Food Association​, food that is upcycled is made with ingredients that otherwise would not have been used for human consumption, are sourced and produced using verifiable supply chains, and have a positive impact on the environment.

With food waste coming at a cost of US$1 trillion annually (FAO​), this proprietary technology that allows for EverPro upcycled barley protein while simultaneously repurposing billions of pounds of barley-based nutrients that were once destined for landfill or cattle feed is by no means underwhelming. Upcycled barley protein is at the intersection of human ingenuity and planetary health – plus, the recent beverage consumer trial results in mind, its taste superiority suggests it’s here to stay.

The New Entrant to the Protein Space That’s Here to Stay

It’s no secret that when you’re building a new product that leverages a protein claim, there are plenty of options. For brands looking to stand out in their respective space, the protein source choice can have a major impact on success. Upcycled barley protein has it all: enabling the better taste, nutrition, and sustainability marks that people expect from the beverages they purchase, while maintaining a 100% plant-based, clean label.