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Tetra Pak highlights end-to-end beverage production solutions at drinktec 2017

By Mary Ellen Shoup

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Miteco, part of the Tetra Pak group since 2014, will also present its portfolio of production solutions for carbonated soft drinks at drinktec.
Miteco, part of the Tetra Pak group since 2014, will also present its portfolio of production solutions for carbonated soft drinks at drinktec.

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Tetra Pak is highlighting various end-to-end production solutions for the manufacturing of still and carbonated beverages at drinktec 2017 this week (Munich, Sept 11-15). 

The company's "Future Ready"​ beverage manufacturing solutions meeting production requirements and reducing operational costs for its customers, Tetra Pak said.

VR experiences


The company’s newest processing innovations such as its Homogenizer 500, UHT unit for indirect heating, and sugar dissolver are being presented to drinktec attendees through virtual reality technology.

The Tetra Pak Homogenizer 5000 can produce up to 63,600 liters (16,801 gallons) per hour and is able to operate at pressures around 20% lower than standard machines through its feature HD EnergyIQ, Tetra Pak claims. The homogenizer is currently used by YinLu of China to manufacture the company’s peanut milk.

“Our customers can achieve significant economies of scale, producing more for a lower cost per liter,”​ Anders Karlsson, technical director for Tetra Pak Group, said. “This is vital for dairy and beverage producers seeking to meet growing consumer demand.”​​

Connected technologies

The company has also recently launched a suite of Microsoft-powered digitized services for its customers focused on improving the ability to predict machine errors and accelerate response times.

Tetra Pak offers digitization of the entire beverage production operation through its PlantMaster with MES Suite.

“The new Tetra Pak PlantMaster provides customers with a simple end-to-end solution by unifying plant control in one single data system,”​ Charles Brand, executive VP product management and commercial operations at Tetra Pak, said.

All equipment at customer plants can be connected to Tetra Pak’s Microsoft Azure cloud system to support connectivity and communication between machines of all functions such as processing, filling, and distribution.

Another part of the company’s digital technology offerings include the ability of service engineers at customer sites to connect directly with Tetra Pak specialists through wearable technology to provide real-time support to customers.

Additionally, data collected from over 5,000 filling machine lines is stored central database where it can be accessed and analyze by Tetra Pak analytics experts who can use advanced analysis to predict issues and optimize machine performance, according to Tetra Pak.

Improved ingredient mixing

Launched in June 2016, Tetra Pak’s High Shear Mixer R370-1000D is also at drinktec 2017. The mixer features a new design that produces finer, more consistent, and more stable emulsions while reducing the need for downstream homogenization, Tetra Pak said. 


Updates to the machine include the restructuring and integration of a built-in deaerating system, a flexible powder introduction system, and a newly-designed mixing head. This allows the machine to handle the high viscosities for a recirculation mixer at up to 2,000 cP and break the size of the droplets to 1 micron (0.001 mm).

“Our new mixer streamlines production steps, reduces investment needs, lowers costs and sets a new benchmark for the industry,”​ Monica Gimre, executive vice president of processing systems at Tetra Pak, said.

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