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Aquamin to expand beverage applications as it digs into magnesium research

By Mary Ellen Shoup

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Aquamin is derived from mineral-rich seaweed sustainably sourced off the coast of Iceland. Pic: Aquamin
Aquamin is derived from mineral-rich seaweed sustainably sourced off the coast of Iceland. Pic: Aquamin
Aquamin, a multi-mineral marine ingredient created by Marigot Ltd., plans to add to its range of beverage applications while meeting consumer clean label and sustainability standards. 

Aquamin comes from seaweed harvested under license in the north Atlantic coast of Iceland in an area untouched by the international shipping industry. 

“Over time, the seaweed is absorbing minerals and nutrients from the sea water so what you’re getting is this unique marine mineral mutlicomplex,”​ David O’Leary, commercial manager of Marigot, told BeverageDaily at IFT in Las Vegas last week.

“In total, there are 74 trace minerals within this material so you’re getting a whole multi-mineral complex that’s completely sustainable, renewable, and harvested in the most responsible way,” ​O’Leary said.

“We’re in the process of developing soluble magnesium for beverage applications.”

The company currently offers applications distributed in North America by Stauber that are GRAS according to US FDA standards, including Aquamin F for non-dairy milk alternatives, Aquamin LD that enables full dispersal in beverages, Aquamin S for juice applications, and Aquamin soluble for use in sports drinks and functional beverages.

Focus on magnesium

Research on how magnesium and calcium interact with the plant’s other trace minerals is a particular focus for the company and it has found that its nutritional benefits improve when ingested in combination with other nutrients.

“We’re looking at the combination of magnesium and the additional trace minerals together because there’s an abundance of trace minerals in this material that impacts the specific bioactivity of magnesium, calcium, and other minerals that are in Aquamin,” ​O’Leary said.

“It’s really about trying to understand that complex of minerals, how it pertains to absorption, bioactivity, and general efficacy.”

Aquamin believes that with its current research into the health benefits of magnesium it can add to the growing number of health ageing products that promote muscle recovery and bone/joint health.

“Magnesium is used a lot for muscle recovery and also age-related muscle loss,”​ O’Leary said.

Improved mouthfeel and absorption

Aquamin Unique Marine Multimineral Complex

The multi-mineral complex has a porous, “honey-comb-like”​ structure, which differs from other calcium sources such as calcium phosphate in terms of mouthfeel, lending itself well to beverage formulations particularly plant-based beverages, according to O’Leary.

“The powder is very stable and very inert and lends itself well to processing,”​ he said. “From a taste and texture point of view, you get the benefit of a very clean mouth feel with improved viscosity, improved creaminess, and less sedimentation."

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