Breaking news: ‘We knew that if we could pull this off we could change hydration forever’

Oil and water do mix: FATwater launched by Bulletproof CEO for ‘extreme hydration’

By Rachel Arthur

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Energy drink FATwater launches today
Energy drink FATwater launches today

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FATwater, a beverage which fuses water with nanoparticles of oil, has been launched by Bulletproof Coffee creator Dave Asprey. 

Asprey says the patented oil nanoparticles help the body absorb water, positioning FATwater as the next generation of energy drinks that don’t rely on stimulants or sugar. He says his new beverage delivers hydration with quickly metabolized and sustained energy.

Talking to as it breaks the story today, Asprey said the beverage will build on the success of his famous butter and oil-infused Bulletproof Coffee – a beverage that has shown ‘fat is back.’

‘Wetter than water’


  • Fusion of water and oil
  • 20 calories and two grams of fat per serving
  • No caffeine or artificial sweeteners

Asprey created Bulletproof Coffee as a beverage he says is low in toxins, boosts energy and promotes weight loss. The wider Bulletproof brand has created a following among those who want to ‘supercharge bodies, upgrade brains, and be bulletproof.’

FATwater uses patented nanoparticles of Bulletproof XCT Oil, a medium chain triglyceride fat found in coconut oil (and the same oil used in his coffee). Asprey says the oil particles efficiently escort water into the body, allowing what he terms extreme hydration.

“Everyone knows oil and water don’t mix,” ​he told “We knew that if we could pull this off we could change hydration forever. If you’re going to drink water, you might as well make it count. It was a challenge to mix oil and water and make it taste and feel great, but we were up for it. 

Dave Asprey

“We’ve been working on FATwater for three years, it’s been Bulletproof’s longest and most complex development project.”

But can any beverage ever offer the same level of hydration as plain old water?

Your body likes Bulletproof XCT oil more than water as it is fuel,” ​responded Asprey. “When they’re together, the body soaks up water more quickly than it normally would.

“FATwater provides a pick-me-up that comes from actually being hydrated, and it’s a noticeable difference. It will be very popular with athletes and weekend warriors, people at work who want to drink something will choose FATwater.

“Athletes are a clear target - people who exercise notice hydration the most. People who aren’t as active also struggle but don’t necessarily notice they suffer from dehydration. Anyone who would otherwise reach for a sugary beverage like coconut water will realize they can feel benefits from coconuts by choosing FATwater.”

‘It doesn’t taste oily at all’

FATwater is free from caffeine and artificial sweeteners, and contains 20 calories and two grams of fat per serving. It is suitable for vegans and gluten-free, and comes as an unflavored beverage or with berry, orange or lemon essence.

It also contains B vitamins and functional foods like turmeric and beta carotene for colour.

“The drinking experience of FATwater is truly unique,” ​said Asprey. “It tastes ‘wetter’ than drinking plain water and is very light and refreshing on the palette. Nano-particles of XCT oil are suspended in water and don’t taste oily at all, only wetter.

“Unflavored FATwater is all about hydration – it’s so mild and neutral you can easily squeeze a lemon or lime into it or mix it into another flavored beverage. So many people are looking to get more out of their green drinks and juices:  when you add in FATwater, the additional hydration is applied to everything.”

Asprey says the beverage heralds the future of energy drinks – but not energy drinks as we currently know them.

“FATwater is a new kind of energy drink that doesn’t rely on stimulants or sugars that inevitably result in cravings and a crash,” ​he said.

“FATwater fuels your cells directly through ketone energy from Bulletproof XCT Oil which is quickly and easily absorbed and metabolized, especially this nano-droplet form.”

Fat is back

bulletproof coffee updated
Bulletproof coffee

Asprey says people have rejected the ‘low-fat dogma of the 80s’ – pointing to the success of Bulletproof Coffee​ as proof.

“The success of Bulletproof Coffee is an exclamation point on the fact that fat is back,” ​he said. “People are starving for the right fat, and when they get it they feel and perform better. FATwater is building on the success of Bulletproof Coffee.

“People who still have a complex about fat are going to be even more tempted to pick up the bottle, they’ll read the label and realize it only has 20 calories, and they can still enjoy it.”

Bottled FATwater is available from the Bulletproof Coffee café in Santa Monica and at Erewhon Markets. The FATwater concentrate can be bought online from the Bulletproof website.

16oz bottles retail at $3.95, and 16-packs of 10ml concentrate packets retail at $29.95.

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