Siemens claims water management system offers major savings

By Guy Montague-Jones

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Siemens is installing a water management system at a new bottling plant that uses a process the company claims can deliver 20 per cent operational savings compared to conventional alternatives.

“A major soft drinks manufacturer”​ is having the system installed at a new Malaysian plant that is due to begin production in November 2010. The project involves the installation of water and wastewater treatment equipment, plus a two-year operation and maintenance service agreement.

At its heart is the concept of the Siemens S3 process (Sanitize/ Start/ Stop). This reduces water use and waste by shutting down the 150m3/h water treatment system during idle periods. Siemens said the S3 Process also cuts operational costs by extending membrane life.

Seimens said the S3 sanitization approach enables "a chlorine free environment plus less chemical usage as there are no ph adjustments anticipated. In addition, the process prolongs the useful life of the membranes significantly (which again has a positive effect on the TCO)."

Overall Siemens claims that annual operational savings from the use of the S3 Process is about 20 per cent compared to conventional system use.

Wastewater system

Meanwhile, to treat the wastewater Siemens has installed an Omniflo SBR system (Sequencing Batch Reactor). Designed to treat 1, 200 m3/d, the SBR uses the Siemens Vari-Cant jet aeration system to reduce Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD).

To help reduce potential operating costs, the jet aeration system can be made to turn on only when needed for the particular batch of wastewater generated.

Seimens said: "Whereas continuous systems run 24 hours, the SBR system enables the major components (like pumps) only to run during the aeration phase of the individual batch."

The SBR system has a provision for a nutrient removal process step to meet future wastewater-discharge regulations in Malaysia. Also, the modular system has been designed to increase future biological treatment capacity, if required.

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