New non-returnable keg promises cost savings

By Guy Montague-Jones

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Schäffer is launching a new lightweight non-returnable steel keg that the company claims will cut transport costs and make exports easier.

To be presented for the first time at Drinktec in Munich in September, the new 30 L non-returnable steel KEG is aimed at brewers and wine producers who need to transport their beverages over long distances.

Schäffer claims the keg offers a number of advantages over the logistics chain required for returnable kegs.

Lower costs

Because the keg is non-returnable, the money spent and time lost transporting, cleaning and repairing kegs for reuse are eliminated. Storage costs may also be lowered, helping to free up capital.

In addition, Schäffer said for companies operating in far-away markets with underdeveloped infrastructures, the new non-returnable keg could well be a good money saving option because kegs are often lost and rate of return can leave a lot to be desired.

Green credentials

Schäffer claims the new keg also has environmental advantages. Weighing only 3.3kg means that the entire CO2 balance of each individual keg per transported kilometre is improved markedly, according to Schäffer.

Although the keg is not returnable, it does not have to join the scrap heap. Schäffer said the keg is entirely recyclable just like its returnable kegs.

All material components, such as steel sheet, polyethylene (PE) or polyoxymenthylene (POM) are recycled in accordance with the specific regulations of particular countries or customers.

Basic features

The 30 L non-returnable steel KEG can be used on existing filling lines and with existing dispensing equipment. Schäffer said draught beer can be stored inside the keg for just as long as in a returnable keg.

Furthermore, the multi-layer in-liner is non-contaminating for food, odorless, tasteless and effectively prevents oxygen enter the keg and CO2 escaping, according to Schäffer.

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