New resealable can targets on-the-go consumption

By Annie Launois

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Beverage can producer Ball Packaging Europe has developed a
resealable beverage can, which the company claims could change the
face of the beverage can market.

Developed in association with Coca-Cola and Dutch firm Bound2B B.V., the new type of can end has already received positive feedback from consumer surveys, and was launched last month on the French market with Coca-Cola's energy drink 'Burn'.

Beverage cans are popular with drink manufacturers and consumers alike because they are light, easy to open, quick to cool, and non breakable.

They also keep their contents fresh, with the hermetic seal eliminating the need for a special tamper-guard.

However, the one major drawback of traditional beverage cans is that, unlike other containers, they cannot be kept after initial opening as they are not resealable.

Ball Packaging Europe claims to have solved this problem with its new end type, which makes it possible to reseal steel and aluminium cans after opening.

Can appeal The Ball Resealable End is an aluminium can end into which a flat opening mechanism made of plastic is integrated.

A simple rotating movement uncovers the opening, explained the company.

According to Ball Packaging Europe, the main challenge was to develop a convenient product that would not affect the quality and freshness of the drink.

For this, the new system needed to preserve drip-tightness and the pressure stability of the can as the beverage can is the only container which is absolutely light-proof and oxygen-tight.

The company claims that the new resealable end forms a complete barrier against light and gas, preserving the product's long shelf-life.

A tamper-proof feature on the resealable end also allows the consumer to check that the seal has not been broken, said the company.

As well as appealing to consumers, the company said its new can, which retains the classic shape of a beverage can, would also appeal to retailers as it remains easy to stack and store.

For the same reason, it would also be easy to transport, it said.

In addition, Ball Packaging Europe has limited the amount of plastic used for its new container so as not to affect the cans' recyclability.

Another advantage the company is marketing is the container's printability, which the firm says will enable companies to " optimally communicate their brand identity" .

Coca-Cola Coca-Cola is the first company to have purchased the new resealable can for its 500 ml energy drink 'Burn' on the French market.

Vincent Bouin, marketing manager at Coca-Cola France, commented: "Intensive research was carried out to deliver a consumer oriented solution.

The resealable end marks a major advance in beverage packaging, and the French Trade understood it: they all welcomed the innovation with enthusiasm."

Can market Europe's beverage can market is said to have experienced a growth rate of about 10 per cent in 2006 and 2007.

Europe consumes 45 billion cans for 400 million people, while US consumption is 101 billion cans for 300 million people Ball Packaging Europe's new container could inject the sector with additional appeal.

Markets it has identified as particularly promising markets include Eastern Europe and Southern Europe.

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