Lamp coating contains broken glass and vapours

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A new coating for fluorescent lamps helps contain glass and vapours
when broken, its manufacturer claims.

The added protection could help prevent one source of contamination in plants from entering thefood chain, said Shat-R-Shield, which relaunched its line of T5 fluorescent lamps with the newcoating.

T5 lamps are favoured for industrial sites because of their relatively low energy use. Howeversuch lamps give off more heat and UV rays than other high output fluorescents. Such conditionsusually cause safety coatings to deteriorate quickly, increasing the risks in the event of breakage.

The coating has additional strength that allows it to stay intact even under high heat and UVoutput conditions, the company stated in a press release.

Shat-R-Shield said it has developed a new mix of tetrafluorethylene and hexafluoroproylenecoPolymer (FEP) that remains intact, containing virtually all glass and vapors when broken.

The new T5 HO lamps are easier to maintain because they do not need shatterproof sleeves, whichcan also reduce lumen output, the company claimed. In the event of breakage, one person can replacethe lamp.

Shat-R-Shield said it has sold millions of its safety lamps in the food, beverage and otherindustry sectors. The new lamps are being sold through the company's distributors.

The company claims to be the largest US manufacturer of plastic-coated and shatterprooflighting.

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