Washer showers crates at a new angle

By Ahmed ElAmin

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A washing machine released by Krones takes a new angle at getting
crates clean, taking them through a shower diagonally instead of
immersing them.

The Dia Jet pack washer showers the crates instead of immersing like other machines. Krones has replaced the immersion bath by flush-off showering, thus combining the soaking effect with amechanical cleaning effect.

"Exhaustive testing revealed that immersion washing does not in itself achieve any significant cleaning effect,"​ Krones stated. "All it does is soften up the dirt. Since itis normally the bath flow patterns that are used to move the crates forwards, there is no relative speed between the liquid and the crates, and thus no mechanical cleaning effect."

The washer alsopasses crates through water jets diagonally, corner to corner, thus ensuring an optimum cleaning effect, the manufacturer claims.

The diagonal transport avoids spray "shadows", areas which might not be reached by the water jets. In conventional pack washers, the rectangular crates are passed through the machinedirectly behind each other.

This means, however, that when being sprayed from spray jets two sides of each crate are in the spray shadows of the preceding and following crates.

In the Dia Jet, by contrast, the crates are not guided in a rectangular configuration, but are conveyed diagonally, corner to corner, thus rendering all surfaces accessible without restrictions fortreatment steps.

"The crate is dependably cleaned from all sides, producing a high-quality cleaning result and more effective washing, as well as permitting space savings in the machine's construction,"the company stated.

Additional spray jets and open access from below, moreover also helps ensure cleaning of the crates' inside surfaces and dividers.

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