Amcor launches flexible beverage pack

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Amcor Flexibles has launched Amcor AquaFlexCan, a new typeof
flexible beverage pack for non-carbonated water, reports Ahmed

The flexible pack is recloseable and can be stood upright.The entire pack surface can be use for printing logos and words, including thetop and bottom. The new packaging design ensures on-shelf differentiation and isideal as a give-away at events, the company said in a press release.

The pack uses a laser perforation so that the top of themouthpiece is easy to tear off, allowing consumers to drink directly from thepack. No straws or scissors are required.

A special seal at the mouthpiece allows drinkers to controlthe liquid flow and limits spills if the pack falls over.

Amcor AquaFlexCan is produced on a vertical Ffs-Rovema VPI260 FlexCan machine and is made from Amcor AquaFlex -- a new flexible materialspecifically developed by Amcor Flexibles for non-carbonated drinkingwater.

"Amcor AquaFlex offers comparable shelf life to rigidcontainers," the company said. "It holds chemical and organolepticcertification and its barrier properties ensure water remains fresh and pure."

Amcor AquaFlex can also be used as specialist survivalpacks. Similar laminates are also available for fruit juice, flavoured water andother still drinks.

Amcor AquaFlex is produced by Amcor Flexibles Schüpbach inSwitzerland, part of Amcor Flexibles, a company with annual sales of about€1.5b and manufacturing operations in 15 countries.

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