Superfos drives alternatives to glass packaging

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Packaging manufacturer Superfos has won a WorldStar Award for a new
plastic alternative to the glass jar, confirming the current trend
towards more flexible forms of packaging.

The newly launched packaging solution, SuperLock, features a unique design solution that competes directly with glass packaging. The launch reflects the growing trend away from glass towards more flexible solutions within the packaged food sector.

The Danish company claims the product has been designed to optimise both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The product is therefore clearly targeted to appeal to consumers who want their food packaged in an easy-to use manner, but are also attracted to a product that promises added value through its packaging.

"Plastic is a modern material suitable for global brands and the modern consumers' demands for product safety and quality,"​ said Superfos sales and marketing director Martin Malmros.

"It is liquid tight and there is no risk of glass contamination in the end product. Furthermore, it is a lighter product, which stacks well and is unbreakable. All together, this makes production less noisy than that of glass and handling and transportation of the product easier, safer and more environmentally correct."

The European glass container industry has been hard hit by the onslaught of such new innovations in plastic. With the exception of the German beverage market, where the transition to plastic has been particularly conspicuous only since 1999, plastic packaging has now firmly established itself in the packaging sector.

What makes SuperLock unique is the lock mechanism. This is based on an easy open and close liquid tight twist system that guarantees product safety and quality.

By twisting the lid only 60°, the sealing ring comes off and lets out an airtight sound as the tamper evident band is broken. Furthermore, when the pot is correctly re-closed an audible click provides an emotional guarantee of efficient re-closure.

Finally, the SuperLock packaging offers transparency at the level of glass and options for graphics while at the same time upholding all the advantages of plastic packaging.

"We are very pleased to receive a WorldStar Award for our SuperLock. It is a landmark in the battle to break traditional perception and use of plastic packaging by focusing on strong design and unique features in our product development,"​ said Malmros. "Our customers and consumers benefit from the many advantages of plastic, while at the same time getting a package with the feel and look of for example glass."

Superfos​ manufactures plastic packaging for the food industry. It operates 13 productions facilities in Europe and one in the United States, and has an annual turnover of approximately €345 million.

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