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NCLII's preservative NuPreserv has been proven to significantly
extend the shelf life of beverages, the company claims.

Nutraceutical Clinical Laboratories International, a preservative and nutraceutical products company, has said that tests conducted during the last 12 months at its research and development facility have demonstrated that one of its preservatives, NuPreserv, has been proven to significantly extend the shelf life of beverages.

Paul Winniczuk, director of beverage research development at NCCL​ stated: "After months of exhaustive testing, we are excited to announce that NuPreserv can extend the shelf life of beverages, such as orange juice, apple juice, vegetable juices and health and sports drinks.

"Unlike other preservatives such as sodium benzoate, NuPreserv does not affect the colour, smell or create a bitter aftertaste when used in beverages.

"We believe that the utilisation of this preservative into these perishable beverages, and the resulting ability to have the beverages remain fresh in storage, transit and on the grocers' shelves for an extended period of time, will be of great interest to the multi-billion dollar global beverage industry,"​ Winniczuk added.

Prior to joining NCCL, Winniczuk was the Microbiology Manager/QA Specialist for Pasco Beverage Company, a division of Vitality Beverage, a leading seller of private label juices to grocery store chains.

"The amount of orange juice consumed in the US alone is staggering. This latest development is another example of how committed we are to identifying new applications for NuPreserv in a select number of high potential industries, and we are very pleased that our product testing has shown that our preservative works with beverages to extend their shelf life,"​ said Gary Harrison, CEO of NCCL.

"We feel this is a positive development for beverage companies looking to realise significant inventory management enhancements, operating efficiencies, reduced delivery scheduling and cost savings."

Harrison added, "In order to maximise the potential of this development, we are in the process of identifying companies to be our exclusive brokerage and marketing representatives for the global beverage industry. This is in line with our philosophy and strategy of outsourcing our sales and marketing needs, not only in the US, but globally as well."

NCCL has just completed the first year of supplying NuPreserv to a major US bakery. The company says that this segment is continuing to grow as it is currently doing extensive testing with several domestic and international bakeries to incorporate the preservative into their products.

Additionally, NCCL says that its research and development team continues to test and evaluate the application of its preservative products and processes in other industries and applications, as evidenced by its introduction into the beverage industry.

Established in 1999, Nutraceutical Clinical Laboratories International is a company that researches, manufactures and markets preservatives and nutraceutical products. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, the company has a preservative division and a medical division. The preservative unit focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing NuPreserv.

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