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America's National Honey Board (NHB) has developed a sports
beverage formula which it claims offers the same nutrients as major
branded versions but has a higher level of potassium.

America's National Honey Board (NHB) has developed a sports beverage formula which it claims has similar nutrient profiles as major branded versions. The new formula also has a higher level of potassium than most other sports drinks.

"Some of our preliminary research shows that honey could be an effective pre-workout energy source that does not induce hypoglycemia,"​ said NHB director of scientific affairs, Marcia Cardetti.

"As part of this same research, we have also seen that using honey as a carbohydrate source during exercise significantly improved performance and power during endurance cycling trials."

Another study suggests that combining honey with a protein supplement may boost post-workout recuperation and favour better blood sugar maintenance after exercise.

These and other studies led the organisation to investigate a sports beverage supplemented with honey. "Athletes are already using honey as a source of energy,"​ Cardetti explained. "We are applying it to a potential product that will also help in the replenishment of fluids."

The formulas currently include a honey and orange and honey and lemon option. NHB claims that each delivers a nearly equivalent amount of carbohydrate and calories to manufactured sports beverages, with a superior delivery of potassium, averaging 85mg compared to an average 40 mg for other popular products.

"We are also excited about the taste,"​ Cardetti said. "The honey and fruit combination make this deliciously refreshing and thirst-quenching."

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