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Advertising agency Liquid Billboards sees energy drink cans as a
powerful medium for creating designer products.

The booming energy drinks market has prompted advertising agency Liquid Billboards to use the beverage in publicity campaigns.

The company adds graphics and advertising to the cans of a European-made energy drink to create designer beverages.

"Private label energy drinks develop 'good will' and create 'direct marketing channels' to reach specific groups of consumers for big profits from a little can,"​ said Jeff Weiss, president of Liquid Billboards.

"The unique characteristics of the energy drink and its place in today's culture make it a natural "medium" to reach a mobile, fragmented, and distracted consumer population. Our energy drinks capture the attention of the consumer, effectively interact and communicate information, and ensure that messages reach your intended audience,"​ he continued.

Reflecting the competitive nature of the market, Richard H. Davis, president of Beverage Marketing USA, said: "Predicting what brand of energy drink consumers will be drinking is still more art than science, so it might as well be your own brand."

Davis said that when people see a company name and logo on cans of designer energy drinks, it would becomes a fashion statement for the drinker.

Liquid Billboards said that clients to date have included several celebrities and industry leaders wishing to promote their companies.

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