My Drynuary: 'It might sound cheesy, but we can really have an impact on people's lives with delicious non-alcoholic alternatives'

By Rachel Arthur

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Founder Kristina Roth. Pic: Mixoloshe
Founder Kristina Roth. Pic: Mixoloshe

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Kristina Roth founded US soft seltzer and non-alcoholic spirit brand MIXOLOSHE last year. In our series of interviews celebrating innovators in the low/no alcohol category, she tells us what inspires her.

BD: Tell us about MIXOLOSHE!

MIXOLOSHE defines how no and low alcohol mixology should taste! The goal of the non-alcoholic cocktail category should be to eliminate the alcohol, lots of the calories and the unhealthy effect of high ABV cocktails, but never the flavor! I founded the company in March 2022: having become very focused on health and community after creating SuperShe Island (a woman’s only retreat).

The brand offers a line of soft seltzers and non-alcoholic spirits that are low in calories and contain only five clean ingredients; made to be the perfect building blocks for better tasting and better for you non-alcoholic and low abv cocktails. 

What's your point of difference?

The unparalleled taste of MIXOLOSHE’s soft seltzers paired with a little burn at the end that mimics a cocktail, while staying low in calories, low in sugar and made with clean ingredients that you can pronounce and understand! Last but not least, the packaging ensures the party never stops! Our brightly colored tall slim cans are fun for your fridge or at your beach and pool parties all year long! 


Where can we find your products?

We are currently in the US market via our ecommerce site and Amazon, but we will expand internationally to GCC (Gulf Market), and later on to Europe and Asia. The low/no alcohol movement is worldwide with some countries and markets leading. The numbers show that 60% of the adult population does not drink alcohol! That means lots of opportunities for brands like MIXOLOSHE. I’m excited about that. 

What does your job involve?

As the founder and CEO I am involved in every step from creating and approving the flavors to the direction of the company. Pretty much strategically, tactically and from an operations point of view … I have many hats to wear! It is fun but also challenging. The biggest opportunity I see is in educating people about healthier alternatives and that low and no ABV can be equally fun and way way better for you than hardcore drinking. 

How have you see the low/no market change since you got involved?

I see it growing, and I am very optimistic that it will dominate in the near future! People are more mindful and very conscious post pandemic about their bodies, their mental health and their performance in general. We all are thinking about the fact that we have one body and brain that needs to last a lifetime, and we need to start thinking about the long term and not always approach decisions with a “YOLO” mindset as today’s decisions can really affect the future in huge ways.

Anything special going on this month?

We are launching a fun campaign to really highlight that booze free doesn’t need to be 'dry'. It can still be a lot of fun! We just launched in March of 2022 so this is our first Drynuary, but we are optimistic that we will see a sales peak, especially given January involves the launch of some exciting new products for us. 

And what should we look out for from you in the rest of 2023?

We just launched three new flavors of our soft seltzers (Orange Old Fashioned, Cosmic Bitter Spritz and Blueberry G&T) and three brand new non-alcoholic spirits (Gin, Tequila and Whisky). So all of that is very exciting, and we can’t wait for people to experience these. But additionally, be on the lookout for more new flavors in our canned cocktail products. A mojito and a rose martini will join the can line up by Q2. 

What inspires you on your low/no alcohol journey? 

Honestly, making the world a healthier place! It might sound cheesy, but we really have an impact on people's lives when we offer these delicious non-alcoholic alternatives. The need is great, and it is deeply gratifying to help meet it. I like to lead and pave the way, and I don’t find inspiration in what has been done, but more in what can be done better! 

What’s your favorite product?

It’s hard to have just one favorite, but I really enjoy our new Orange Old Fashioned that just launched, since I used to be a whiskey drinker before I stopped drinking alcohol. 

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