Drinkfinity ‘pops’ into the coffee market with Americano pods

By Beth Newhart

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The new pods are marketed as an alternative to expensive, time-consuming cold brew coffee.
The new pods are marketed as an alternative to expensive, time-consuming cold brew coffee.

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Drinkfinity – PepsiCo’s vessel and pod beverage system – has entered the coffee category with the launch of two Americano pods: offering ‘an entirely new iced coffee experience’.

Miami based start-up and PepsiCo venture Drinkfinity launched its system​ in Brazil in 2014 with a goal to make an innovative and more environmentally sustainable line of drinks. It expanded to the US​ in 2018.

Consumers purchase a reusable Drinkfinity ‘vessel’ and different flavored pods. After filling up the vessel with water, a pod is peeled and ‘popped’ onto the top of the vessel. Each pod contains separated liquid and dry ingredients that mix together with the water and blend into a flavored drink when shook.

According to Drinkfinity, each 20 oz serving of Drinkfinity contains up to 65% less plastic than a comparable RTD beverage. It is also reportedly more efficient to ship and store Drinkfinity materials. The brand invests in technology that manufactures pods that are easier to recycle and made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic.

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The beverage system sells 16 different pods in flavors like Grapefruit Ginger Flow, White Peach Chill and Lemonade Renew. The pods are categorized into four labels: Flow contains vitamins or fiber; Chill is made with botanicals; Renew has sports-drink levels of electrolytes; and Charge contains caffeine.

It is now tackling the coffee industry with the launch of Americano Charge and Cinnamon Americano Charge. Drinkfinity is marketing the new pods as an alternative to expensive, time-consuming cold brew coffee options from a local coffee shop.

Each flavors contains two espresso shots, or 143mg of caffeine, from Colombian coffee. The plain Americano has no added sweeteners while the cinnamon is sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf.

Drinkfinity can only be purchased on its website, and a four-pack of the new coffee pods retails for $6.50. By comparison, a cold brew coffee from Starbucks costs around $5 each.

Hernan Marina, VP of global business innovation at Drinkfinity, said "We are iced coffee enthusiasts here at Drinkfinity and just like many consumers, we were looking for new ways to make iced coffee quickly in the morning. Each coffee flavor was designed for consumers to prepare and customize with ease, while preserving the essence of the classic Americano."

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