‘A vision to rethink the way people drink’: PepsiCo launches Drinkfinity in the US

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The same vessel can be used for any beverage, from a morning caffeinated 'charge' to a relaxing evening drink. Pic:Drinkfinity
The same vessel can be used for any beverage, from a morning caffeinated 'charge' to a relaxing evening drink. Pic:Drinkfinity

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Drinkfinity – a personalized beverage system that uses ingredient pods with a reusable vessel – has launched in the US.

PepsiCo says the concept will allow it to tap into on-the-go consumption trends, healthier beverage options and a growing environmental consciousness among consumers.

Drinkers can use the same reusable vessel throughout the day, adding in capsules from caffeinated ‘charge’ options in the morning through to botanical ‘chill’ capsules in the evening.

‘Peel, pop and shake’

Drinkfinity was created and developed in Miami and was piloted in Brazil in 2014. It is a PepsiCo-backed venture: which endeavors to act as an independent start-up but with support from PepsiCo.

“Drinkfinity was born out of a greater need for choice, personalization and a sustainable lifestyle,” ​according to the company.

“We are thinking beyond the beverage and setting out to redefine the way we drink, by building a global brand that connects the dots between wellness and versatility, while trying to balance the needs of both people and the planet.

“Our vision is to offer a drinking system with a vessel and pod that together reduce the environmental footprint of disposable water bottles and ready to drink beverages.”

The Drinkfinity vessel is dishwasher safe and creates a 20 ounce beverage (590ml) beverage when used with capsules.

Dry and liquid ingredients within each pod are sealed into separate chambers until the beverage is mixed with cold water in the vessel.

drinkfinity peel pop shake

The pods are split into four ‘modes’ for different times and occasions throughout the day.

‘Charge’ capsules contain green coffee extract and the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee; ‘Flow’ capsules contain vitamins C and E; ‘Renew’ capsules contain added electrolytes; while ‘Chill’ capsules contain botanicals.

Each mode offers a variety of flavors, including pomegranate ginger, elderflower, coconut water, watermelon, and acai.

Ingredients include chia seeks, acai fruit, ginger root extract and concentrated fruit juices: and the pods are free from artificial sweeteners and flavors, containing 30-80 calories in the finished beverage.

PepsiCo says the pods use 65% less plastic than a 20oz RTD beverage bottle; and are much more efficient to ship and store. It says its vision is to produce pods with the smallest possible environmental footprint: using technology such as solar panels and natural gas at its manufacturing facility.  

Drinkfinity pods come in packs of four, retailing between $5 and $6.50, with a Drinkfinity vessel costing $20.

For every purchase in the US this year, Drinkfinity will donate $1 to water.org, up to $100,000.

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