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Texas craft brewers raise their pints after judge rules distribution rights law unconstitutional

A Texas federal judge has sided with three Texas-based craft brewers, striking down a 2013 law that required breweries to give up their distribution and territorial rights. 

Guinness’ ‘Red Tongued Dog’ gets a packaging redesign

Crown Holdings has partnered with Guinness to create a limited edition can for its Foreign Extra Stout celebrating 150 years in Singapore.

Invisible Sentinel launches assays to detect beer spoilage organisms

Invisible Sentinel has developed, validated and commercialized two detection tools for breweries.

Could fortified beer and lassi tap into Asia’s soaring protein demand?

Asia’s demand for protein is soaring, but is the Indian market ready for protein-fortified beers and lassi? 

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Agave spirit Raicilla coming to UK

UK wholesaler and retailer Amathus Drinks has teamed up with distributor Proof Drinks for the launch of Mexican company Estancia Distillery’s agave spirit Raicilla. 

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Harviestoun to sell top brands in cans

Scottish craft brewer Harviestoun is to offer three of its top beer brands in cans.

EU argues Colombia tax on imported spirits is discrimination, asks for WTO panel to rule

The EU has requested the establishment of a World Trade Organization (WTO) panel to rule on a dispute over what it says is Colombia's discriminatory treatment of imported spirits.

English sparkling wine market reach bubbles over to US with 5,000-bottle shipment

Five thousand bottles of English sparkling wine have reached US shores late last week following a partnership between drinks exporter The British Bottling Company and New Jersey-based Vine Street Imports.

Joia taps into RTD cocktail space with line of premixed spirit drinks

Premium soda brand Joia has launched a line of premixed canned cocktails aimed at an on-the-go crowd looking to imbibe in a convenient and portable way. 

There’s a place for socially responsible technology in winemaking, Palmaz Vineyards president says

Palmaz Vineyards' president, Christian Palmaz, told BeverageDaily that there is a place for technology and old-school craftsmanship in the wine industry, but it’s about striking a socially-responsible balance.


Pirate Life making waves in Australian craft brewing circles

Building an efficient packaging and distribution plan before opening its doors is proving as important as making a high-quality product for one of Australia’s fastest growing craft breweries. 

Rheonix targets perfect pint with beer spoilage detection tech

Rheonix has launched an assay for detecting beer spoilage on its recently unveiled platform for food and beverage testing.

Texas craft brewers seek to repeal state law they say stunts industry growth

Three Texas-based craft brewers are suing the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to overturn a state law that prohibits breweries from accepting payments from distributors to sell their beer. 

Sparkling wine up 80% in the UK

The amount of sparkling wine on sale in the UK has grown from 17.6m gallons in 2011/12 to around 31.6m gallons in 2015/16: an increase of 80%.

EU Commission raises concerns over Dow DuPont merger

The European Commission says it has opened an investigation to see if the proposed merger of Dow and DuPont is in line with the EU Merger Regulation.

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Counterfeit vodka finding leads to suspended sentence

A man has been given a suspended sentence at Runcorn Magistrate’s Court after unsafe counterfeit vodka was found in his taxi.


Coopers signs exclusive Australian Open beer supply deal

Australia’s biggest independent brewery has won the right to be the exclusive beer provider at the Australian Open for the next five years. 

California wine is an ‘economic engine’, despite challenging economy

The California wine & winegrape sector, along with associated businesses, makes a total economic contribution of $58bn per year to the state’s economy, according to a report. Meanwhile, $114bn is...

CAMRA calls for consultation on alcohol guidelines: ‘Government advice is at odds with common sense’

The Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), a UK consumer organisation, is calling for a consultation on alcohol guidelines, saying that ‘government advice on drinking is at odds with common sense’.

'We give the brewer superhuman skills’: Using artificial intelligence in brewing

Are we set to enter an era where robots brew beer and artificial intelligence takes over from brewers? BeverageDaily talks to IntelligentX Brewing Co, which has launched the ‘world’s first...


Winery wastewater problem solved by ‘internet of things’

A water-treatment company is using the “internet of things” to command an army of bacteria in the battle against polluted winery wastewater.

Sacmi to create ceramic barrels for ‘turnkey winery’ following $2.9m acquisition

Sacmi has rebranded its business acquiring a formerly bankrupt company to create what it calls a ‘turnkey winery’.

BrewDog launches US crowdfunding round

Scottish craft brewer BrewDog has launched a $50m crowdfunding round in the US to ‘turbo-charge’ its US expansion. 

Heineken presents ‘first large scale zero carbon brewery in the world’ – but does this matter to the average beer drinker?

Heineken’s Göss Brewery in Austria is ‘the first large scale zero carbon brewery in the world’: but is this a claim that consumers will actually relate to, and can Heineken’s...

Belgium headquarters for combined AB InBev / SABMiller entity

AB InBev has announced that the new group, created by the combination of AB InBev and SABMiller, will be based in Belgium. Meanwhile, other details of the combined group –...

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