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Industry leaders on edge after Duterte vows to abolish sugar promoter

Industry heads are resigned to the fate of their segment’s official promoter, which the Philippines president recently vowed to close in a bid to streamline government and curb corruption.

Love Taste Co. on ‘explosion’ in demand for veggie smoothies

Love Taste Co. started as a smoothie stall in London’s Borough Market. Today, it generates retail sales approaching £40m a year. Founder Richard Canterbury talks growth, flavour trends and the...

drinktec 2017

Tetra Pak highlights end-to-end beverage production solutions at drinktec 2017

Tetra Pak is highlighting various end-to-end production solutions for the manufacturing of still and carbonated beverages at drinktec 2017 this week (Munich, Sept 11-15). 

Coca-Cola: ‘Most growth dollars in beverages are still going to come from sparkling.’

Despite declining soda consumption and sugar sweetened beverage taxes going into effect across the US, Coca-Cola saw its soda revenue rise 4% in 2016 thanks to smaller packaging.

MEP sounds isoglucose health warning as EU quotas end

At the end of the month, the EU sugar regime will end, liberalising the market after nearly 50 years of production quotas. But one MEP is questioning whether the Commission...

Macb expands water recall due to spoilage

Macb has expanded a recall of flavoured water months after initial action was taken due to a ‘quality issue’.

Dateline Southeast Asia

Philippines soft drinks industry offers alternatives to sugar tax

The Philippines soft drinks industry has ramped up its opposition to a possible sugar tax as the government sets out to increase the size of its proposed levy.

Coca-Cola & PepsiCo support new commitments

Soft drinks industry to stop selling sugary drinks in EU secondary schools

The European soft drinks industry will voluntarily cease sales of drinks with added sugars to secondary schools in the European Union, industry association UNESDA announced today. 

Beverage launches with stevia outpace new product introductions in overall F&B category

Beverage launches using stevia are increasing at a faster rate than stevia product introductions in the overall F&B category, Mintel research shows. 

Ireland forging ahead with sugar tax amid industry pushback

The Irish government confirmed it plans to push ahead with the introduction of a sugar tax this April, despite industry calls for the move to be delayed.

SternMaid expands into ready-made stand-up pouches for beverages

Contract manufacturer SternMaid has invested in a Doypack line to fill products including dry beverage bases, superfoods, dietetic drinks in powder form or products for athletes into ready-made stand-up pouches.

Dateline Southeast Asia

Pokka calls for more government action to limit sugar consumption

Singapore’s biggest beverage brand has begun reformulating its drinks to reduce their sugar content, and has called on the government to take wider action against lifestyle diseases.

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Soda Folk launches five low calorie, low sugar sodas

Soda Folk has launched five low calorie, low sugar sodas, in black Cherry, mandarin Orange, G&T inspired Juniper, Prosecco-inspired chardonnay Grape and cider-inspired Breton Apple.

Coca-Cola bottle cap codes converted into donations for Hurricane Harvey victims

The Coca-Cola Foundation has pledged $1m to the American Red Cross, supporting local relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

Anheuser-Busch & MillerCoors ship over 200,000 cans of drinking water to Hurricane Harvey victims

Anheuser-Busch is in the process of delivering more than 155,000 cans of emergency drinking water produced by its Cartersville, Georgia, brewery for US Gulf Coast communities affected by Hurricane Harvey.

PepsiCo Foundation donates $1m to Hurricane Harvey relief fund

PepsiCo and the PepsiCo Foundation has donated $1m to the Hurricane Harvey relief fund.

What’s hitting the shelves? New product launches: August

From energy drinks sweetened with monk fruit to functional bottled waters, we take a look at some of the new products launching in the beverage category around the globe. 

McDonald's turns cup holder into limited edition Boombox

McDonald's Canada, the University of Waterloo's Audio Research Group and Stacklab have created McBoombox, which doubles up as a drinks tray and amplifier/speaker for a smartphone.

Coca-Cola Amatil eyes up potential of Coca-Cola No Sugar

Coca-Cola Amatil says it has been a ‘challenging’ first half for its Australian business, but highlights the potential of new products such as Coca-Cola No Sugar.

UAE sin tax set to double price of energy drinks from October

The UAE will impose a sin tax on soft drinks and energy beverages from October 1 to “help build a healthier and safer society”. 

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Former Nestlé packaging expert joins PTI

Former rigid packaging specialist for Nestlé’s Nestec Product Technology Center, Thierry Fabozzi has been named president of Plastic Technologies Inc. (PTI).

Beverage giants pledge to limit sugar content of drinks in Singapore

Major drinks companies in Singapore - including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Nestlé - have agreed to limit the sugar content of their drinks, committing to a maximum sugar content of 12%...

Taxed beverage sales drop in Philadelphia, rise in its suburbs. Is it going as planned?

While sales of sweetened beverages dropped by more than half within Philadelphia’s city limits following the imposition of a soda tax, they also substantially increased just outside city limits. Tax...

Norovirus detected in water coolers linked to outbreak - study

High levels of norovirus genotypes I and II were detected in office water coolers associated with an outbreak last year.

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Merck reveals smaller agar plates for water/beverage testing

Merck has released ready-to-use agar plates for quality control of water and filterable beverages.

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