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Craft brewers are no lightweights in alcohol-free beer trend

It’s not just the big brands who are staking a claim in the NABLAB (non-alcoholic beer and low-alcoholic beer) sector; craft brewers such as UK-based St Peter’s are courting consumers with zero alcohol brews that claim to offer a fuller flavor. 

Craft beer choices now include low & no alcoholic beers. Pic:iStock/AngelikaKagan

Glanbia adds protein punch to hot drinks with heat stable & soluble hydrolyzed whey protein

With protein seeing continued interest from mainstream consumers, Glanbia Nutritionals has launched ProTherma: a hydrolyzed whey protein that can withstand high temperatures and therefore offer a protein punch in everyday hot beverages. 

Love Taste Co. on ‘explosion’ in demand for veggie smoothies

Love Taste Co. started as a smoothie stall in London’s Borough Market. Today, it generates retail sales approaching £40m a year. Founder Richard Canterbury talks growth, flavour trends and the “explosion” in demand for vegetable-based smoothies.

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Budweiser Prohibition to launch in the UK

AB InBev’s alcohol-free Budweiser Prohibition will be launched in the UK later this year.

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Nutritional dairy beverages

Nutritional beverage (Nutri-Bev) is a new example of product crossover between the dairy and food & beverage industries.

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