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The apple of Diageo’s eye: Crown Royal Regal Apple hits 'sweet spot' in the whiskey category

Diageo says Crown Royal Regal Apple has been the star of the show in its North American whiskey portfolio, helping attract new consumers to the category thanks to its versatility.

Diageo's Crown Royal Apple hits 'sweet spot' in whiskey category

Rumbling into the US: ‘Supershake’ maker Rumble looks to start small, grow big

Rumble, a company that produces an all-natural “supershake” drink, is launching its brand in the US after ramping up business across Canada.

'We switched from glass to aluminum cans, and the brand just exploded'

Hiball Energy brand worth $15-20m in retail sales, says CEO: ‘The market is finally catching up with us’

Back in 2011/12, nerves were getting very frayed at Hiball Energy, which was doing a steady trade in upmarket energy drinks in elegant glass bottles, but “losing more and more money”, recalls founder Todd Berardi. In May 2012 he switched to aluminum cans, and the brand “just exploded”. 

The power of symbolic wording on a food label

Symbolic information on a food label can change the perception of a product – even when consumers are aware that this perception is false, write researchers.

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