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Alcohol Regulation

Pressure is rising in Europe for tougher rules on alcohol pricing and advertising. Public health and the health of the drinks industry is at stake in these negotiations and debates.

Morrisons criticised for YouTube alcohol advert

Morrisons has been slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), after its video advertisement, broadcast during a series of children’s nursery rhymes on YouTube, featured images of spirit bottles with...

‘Daring, tough, aggressive...’ Diageo’s Captain Morgan forced to walk plank

Diageo brand Captain Morgan is smarting after the UK ads regulator banned an advert featuring the notorious buccaneer for encouraging ‘daring, tough and aggressive’ behavior.

MillerCoors adopts first US beer nutritional labelling

MillerCoors has stepped up to be the first US brewer to pour one of its beers, Miller64, into cans and bottles with nutritional labelling.


'I recommend this ale to the House!': BBPA brews beer for MPs

The British Beer and Pubs Association (BBPA) is creating a bottled beer for UK Parliament but insists MPs won't be seen staggering around the corridors of Westminster.

WSTA hits back at ‘fundamentally flawed’ report

Explosive BMJ article attacks UK for ‘shameful’ alcohol pricing U-turn

A British Medical Journal (BMJ) article claims the UK government held a ‘sham consultation’ on minimum unit pricing for alcohol and laments the influence of large alcohol firms and retailers...

Festive video insights: Mintel experts offer up highlights and predictions

With 2013 fast drawing to a close and 2014 just around the corner, we took the chance to catch up with analysts and experts at Mintel to ask them what...

‘You say Calvados, we say Alvados!’ – Finns upset French apple cart

French Calvados producers are upset by a ‘vague’ European Commission response to their demand that Finnish retailers stop selling 'imitation' spirits they claim have hit exports.

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Canada warns US COOL rules could hit lucrative California wine exports

Canada's minister of argiculture and agri-food warns that his country may impose retaliatory tariffs on US wines if the country does not revise or revoke controversial country of origin (COOL)...

AIG tackles true cost of product recalls

American International Group (AIG) has launched NOVI, a web-based service to estimate the cost of product recall incidents.

From Kant to the 6 o'clock swill: creative ways to limit alcohol abuse

Philosopher Julian Baggini has been commissioned by the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council to give his take on the serious issues affecting the industry. Here, he looks at how...

Irish minister attacks Diageo for ‘pseudo’ Guinness national holiday

Irish minister Alex White has attacked Diageo for cynical marketing of its annual ‘Arthur’s Day’ Guinness event and insists it worsens the nation’s problems with over-consumption of alcohol.

‘Champagne’ on ice for iPhone 5S? French vintners warn Apple

The French trade body controlling Champagne says it will fight any attempt by US tech giant Apple to market the color of its new iPhone 5S using the appellation name.

SAB Miller has 24% stake in Turkish brewer

Anadolu Efes expects Turkish alcohol laws will limit beer growth

Turkey's biggest brewer and SAB Miller partner Anadolu Efes expects new restrictions on marketing and sales of alcohol to limit beer industry growth in the country.

Diageo unfazed by tough Turkish alcohol laws

Diageo has declined to comment on the possible business effects of stiffer alcohol laws in Turkey, insisting only that it remains committed to its business in Turkey.

Defiant BrewDog bares beer teeth: ‘ASA MOFOs can’t control us'

Serially controversial Scottish craft brewer BrewDog says it will not comply with a UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) adjudication ordering it to remove website language ‘likely to cause serious offense’.


Sir Richard Thompson slams ‘spineless’ UK alcohol policy

The UK government addressed its Alcohol Strategy consultation yesterday by ditching controversial plans to introduce minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol, to applause from industry and outrage from health groups…


Diet Coke Hunk sweats on UK health and safety complaint to ASA

Today's podcast rounds up two UK drinks adverts involving a Diet Coke hunk, a lawnmower and a Chinook helicopter from Coke and Heineken, which led to Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)...

Royal row for Diageo as top Irish lawyer slams Guinness 'PR coup'

The director general (DG) of the Law Society of Ireland has reportedly said that the Irish government should stop foreign dignitaries like Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip from being pictured...

New York AG probes MillerCoors backing of Puerto Rican Day Parade

Flags to flog beer: ‘Height of disrespect’ or generous patriotic gesture?

MillerCoors' has sought to defuse anger amidst New York Puerto Ricans over its use of the US territory’s flag on cans as the state’s attorney general (AG) enters the row,...

AB InBev angered by Ohio beer bill as craft brewers claim victory

Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) has attacked ‘free market restrictions’ after a controversial brewery bill was passed in Ohio, but the state’s Craft Brewer’s Association says the law protects craft brewers’...

Heineken CFO plays down flag brand’s global sales slump

Heineken has played down a 4.7% slump in global sales of its eponymous brand versus Q4 2012, blaming bad weather in Europe and retailer destocking in France and the US.

SAB Miller ‘quite positive’ over legal challenge to Mexican beer exclusivity

SAB Miller says it feels ‘quite positive’ about the possibility of Mexico opening-up as a beer market, with the nation’s competition authority poised to rule on the legality of exclusivity...

United Spirits: India regulator gives green light for $2bn Diageo deal

The Indian Competition Commission (CCI) has approved Diageo’s purchase of a 53.4% stake in United Spirits (USL), saying that the £1.28bn ($2.04bn) purchase may boost the nation’s premium spirits market...

Underage US drinkers prefer Bud Light, Smirnoff, Budweiser: Study

Bud Light, Smirnoff malt beverages and Budweiser were the brands most widely consumed by by 1000+ underage US drinkers over a 30-day period, according to the authors of a new...