Juice drinks

The electronic tongue can quantify the antioxidant power of a fruit juice

New electronic tongue quantifies antioxidants in juice

By Nathan Gray

A new electronic tongue system that can be applied to the analysis of the antioxidant power and other quality parameters of juices, fruit and fruit purées, has been developed by a team of Spanish researchers.

Charity still begins abroad, Innocent insists

Charity still begins abroad, Innocent insists

By Graham Holter

Smoothie manufacturer Innocent insists it remains committed to its charitable partners after a media report today claimed it had donated nothing to its principal foundation since 2008.

A staple of Indian tribes

Acai juice shows joint health potential: Monavie study

By Stephen Daniells

A daily glass of acai juice was associated with a reduction in joint pain measures, and this was correlated with improved blood antioxidant levels, says a new study using MonaVie Active.

Western European consumers view fruit juice as a 'commodity' product

Private label juice boom sparks consolidation push

By Guy Montague-Jones

The rise of private label fruit juice is having a big impact on the juice industry, sparking a wave of consolidation. A mooted merger between Agrana Juice Holding and Ybbstaler Fruit Austria in Europe is the latest example.

EFSA rejects claim linking calcium-fortified juices and tooth demineralisation


EFSA rejects health claims for fruit juice, water

By Shane Starling

The European Food Safety Authority health claims panel has turned in two negative opinions for separate claims that sought to link calcium-fortified fruit juice and tooth demineralisation; and water consumption and dehydration.

Gefilus going global?

Valio set to take probiotic juice global

By Shane Starling

Finnish dairy and ingredients supplier Valio is planning to expand the reach of its probiotic juice Gefilus as interest in the sector intensifies.

Lead found in fruit juices and baby food, alleges group

Lead found in fruit juices and baby food, alleges group

By Rory Harrington

A US legal public interest group has filed violation notices under a Californian safety law against dozens of companies after alleging it has detected levels of lead in a range of food and drinks for babies and children.