Vegetable juice may aid weight loss: Study

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One glass of a reduced salt vegetable juice a day may help overweight people with metabolic syndrome lose more weight, according to a new study.

Partly funded by the Campbell Soup Company and using its low sodium V8 brand juice, the study reported that a daily 8-ounce glass of the juice, as part of a calorie-controlled DASH diet lost four pounds over 12 weeks, while those who followed the same diet but drank no juice lost one pound.

The researchers from Baylor College of Medicine also reported that participants in the vegetable juice group were more likely to meet the daily five-a-day recommendations for fruit and vegetable intakes.

"What this study shows is that by taking simple, proactive steps such as drinking low sodium vegetable juice while watching calorie intake, people can begin to control their weight, which helps reduce the risk of long-term health implications," said study author John Foreyt, PhD.

The findings of the study, a randomized, controlled trial with 81 adults with metabolic syndrome, were presented at the Experimental Biology Meeting.

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