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drinktec 2017: BeverageDaily beer forum at place2beer

By Rachel Arthur

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BeverageDaily and drinktec are collaborating to present a lively beer forum at drinktec (Munich, September 11-15). Drawing on the expertise of 16 speakers from across the beer industry, the forum will run every day of the show at the place2beer area. Find the full program below!  

Monday 11th September:

2pm: What's on your label?
What EU regulations do brewers need to note? And what other information should brands consider including on the label? What are the benefits of nutrition and ingredients labelling?
Attendees will learn about product designation, allergens requirements, minimum durability date and all the rules that inform consumers about the beer they consume. The session will also consider why providing ingredients and nutrition information may be an asset to the brewing sector, and how this information can be shared with consumers.

 Mathieu Schneider – public affairs manager, The Brewers of Europe

Tuesday 12th September:

10am: The big questions
What challenges could brewers face from hop shortages and availability of other ingredients? How are sources and supplies of key commodities changing? What about local sourcing of ingredients?

 Scott CaseyManager of Market Insights and Reporting, RMI Analytics

 Ann George - Executive Director of the Washington Hop Commission, US Hop IndustryPlant Protection Committee, Hop Growers of America, and Hop Growers of Washington.

2pm: The craft beer landscape
Brewers of all shapes and sizes see opportunities for craft or craft-style brews. What does this landscape look like in 2017? Who are the players in the market; and how is the category evolving as a result? How is M&A activity coming into play?
From the distribution and marketing muscle of multinational brewers' craft style brands, to the independent positioning of smaller craft brewers, this session will seek to put the spotlight on how players are operating in the sector.

 Dr Ina Verstl and Ernst Faltermeier – authors of The Beer Monopoly

 Sylvia Kopp – American Craft Beer Ambassador, Brewers Association (US)

Wednesday 13th September:

10am: Marketing and branding
Brewers may produce great beer – but how can they convince consumers to try it? What branding resonates with consumers? How can beer brands stand out among a plethora of 'quirky' marketing? Should brewers continue to use the word 'craft' or are there alternatives? How can brewers maximise the use of social media and other marketing methods?

 Hugo Hanselmann – CEO, HuHeHa

 Ankur Jain – founder and CEO, B9 Beverages (Bira 91 craft beer)

2pm: Growing your company
Craft and small brewers often start as small family businesses but struggle to scale up operations. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities as they grow?Issues to explore include: maintaining quality and consistency of brews; building capacity; growing the workforce; choosing the right partnerships; increasing distribution; maintaining authenticity and reputation.

 Ed Kentish Barnes, founder and director of KB Solutions, in collaboration with Renaissance Bioscience Corp

 Benjamin Sutch, Partner, Chudleigh Sutch

Thursday 14th September:

10am: Smart packaging
How can packaging add value to the product? What technologies are beer brands already using to engage with consumers? What about secondary packaging or customisable six-packs?

 Paul Foulkes-Arellano – Precipice Design

 Matt Twiss, Marketing and Business Development Director, Crown Bevcan Europe & Middle East

2pm: Beer styles
A round-up of what styles are popular with today's consumers, and the up-and-coming styles we could see more of in the future. Why are IPAs so popular? How big will nitro beers be? What about the trend towards more sessionable beers? Do non-alcoholic beers have a big future?
We also explore different ways of serving beer – how can beer be paired with food, what are the opportunities for beer cocktails?

 Ben Vinken – Beer sommelier; editor/publisher of Beerpassion Magazine (Dutch, French)

 Markus Raupach - Founder and Co-Owner of the German Beer Academy

Friday 15th September:

10am: China's craft beer scene
China is the world's largest beer market, and as the sector evolves craft beer is growing its market share. What are consumers in China looking for in their craft brews? How is craft expected to develop in China in the future?

 Carl Setzer – founder and brewmaster, Great Leap Brewing, Beijing

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