Could fortified beer and lassi tap into Asia’s soaring protein demand?

By Gary Scattergood

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Asia’s demand for protein is soaring, but is the Indian market ready for protein-fortified beers and lassi? 

ICL Food Specialties doesn’t see why not, as it showcased its Bekaplus BP900 clear whey protein for the first time in India at FI India in Delhi this week.

The firm claims that its clarity and stability makes it ideal for fortified beers and lassi, as well as more traditional nutrition products.

ICL country head Purnachand Upadrasta said 30% of the growing global demand for protein was coming from Asia, and forecast that demand for protein-rich beverages would rise, not only in terms of sports nutrition but into the mass market too.

“In terms of our offer to the market with this product, it is suitable for high-protein sports drinks, protein-fortified water, iso-sports drinks and even protein-enriched alcohol-free beer.

“It was created six months ago back in Europe and this is the first time we have brought it to India in this exhibition. You can even put in in a lassi because it is such a PH stable product,”​ he added.

Upadrasta said the product was totally clear, had a neutral taste, was easily dissolved in cold water and allowed a high protein content – up to 10%.

“Usually when you add protein to a beverage it goes milky or can because heavily viscose,”​ he said, “but you can put this in any beverage without those issues.

“There are some clear whey beverages in the market, but they can lead to foam build-up. We have a very reduced foam stability – and this is the major difference we are bringing to the market,”​ he said.

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