Portable gas detector improves plant safety

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An upgraded sensor, which can detect up to four gases
simultaneously, could reduce waste while improving plant safety,
claims its manufacturer.

Honeywell Analytics said its Lumidor Impact Pro I gas detector now includes three infrared cartridge options. Two sensors detect methane and other hydrocarbons, while a third sensor measures the concentration of carbon dioxide. The food and beverage sector is a major user of gas for processing, packaging and refrigeration. Monitoring gas levels is critical as leaks can lead to fire, equipment damage and injury to employees. Honeywell said it had developed the infrared sensors specifically to improve detection of flammable and toxic gases in demanding industrial settings. The infrared operation is based on the measurement of the absorption of infrared energy as it passes through a target gas. The infrared unit is unaffected by exposure to poisoning compounds such as silicones, extreme hydrocarbon levels, nitrogen storage blankets or inert atmospheric conditions, claims the manufacturer. The detector offers drift-free operation, greater sensitivity and faster response to gases than competing products, claims Honeywell. Long-term sensor performance and stability are superior to catalytic bead technology, the manufacturer claims. The Impact Pro IR also features a durable casing, which can withstand water and dirt, claims Honeywell. Lumidor Safety Products has been part of Honeywell Analytics since 2002.

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