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Coke wows Kiwis with personalized PET bottles

By Ben Bouckley , 26-Sep-2012
Last updated on 26-Sep-2012 at 17:20 GMT2012-09-26T17:20:44Z

Coke wows Kiwis with personalized PET bottles

Coca-Cola New Zealand is selling PET bottles of Coke personalized with one of 150 names popular in the country, and encouraging Facebook fans to 'share a virtual can'.

Bottles carry the slogan 'Share a Coke with...', then the name in question, in what is a novel viral marketing ploy from Coca-Cola New Zealand (Coca-Cola Oceania).

The Facebook-centered campaign also allows fans to use an online app and send a personalized 'virtual can' of Coke to friends.

Meanwhile, people with names beyond the 150 on the list can get their names printed onto a 200ml can or 600ml bottle at a number of real life events across New Zealand that started in mid September. 

"Coke has always been a part of people coming together. And now, for the first time ever, we're giving New Zealanders the chance to find, create and share cans of Coke customised with the names of the people who matter to them," the company said.

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