Wish you could create Sugar-Free Formulations that actually Improve Flavors vs Pure Cane Sugar?

Now you can with the World's Only Flavor Enhancing Sweetener that is All Natural, Sugar-Free, Ketogenic Certified (human blood tested) and Tastes Better Than Pure Cane Sugar, SilkySweet.

SilkySweet empowers formulators to achieve new levels of flavor perfection beyond merely sweetening with cane sugar, while delivering ultimate zero sugar health benefits in Coffee, Tea, Cocoa/Chocolate, Lemon Juice/Citrus/Berries/Fruit Flavors, Dairy Products, Plant-Based "Milks" & Proteins, and more.

SilkySweet is a unique & complex 9+ ingredient blend of Non-GMO Allulose, the Highest Purity Monk Fruit Extract, an analogue sweetener superior to Stevia (zero Stevia), 5 rare & expensive organic flavor & sweetness enhancers, bitterness/sourness maskers and off-flavor modulators, plus a pinch of ancient sea salt.

SilkySweet is available in 3 levels of concentration for use in all food & beverage applications:

1) SilkySweet Intense 1:1 - Intensity enables reductions of 10-20% or more vs cane sugar recipes, just sweeten to desired flavor profile. Unique Flavor Enhancement and far superior flavor profile vs Erythritol/Monk Fruit and Allulose/Monk Fruit Only Blends.

2) SilkySweet 8x - 1/8th the Allulose of our Intense 1:1, for use in food & beverage applications where Allulose would exceed 20g per real-world serving. Our experience with 8x in beverages (SilkySweet Keto Cola) resulted in optimal blends of 1:1 & 8x.

3) SilkySweet 125-200x - Bulk-Free, Zero Allulose, designed to replace Stevia Only, Monk Fruit Only, and Stevia/Monk Fruit Blends.

Reformulate Now with SilkySweet, gain a massive competitive advantage in your category and increase market share when your product wins blind taste tests vs current category leaders.

Lab Samples are available now to order from our website, and we offer free consulting to assist with Reformulation and New Formulation Projects.