Keynote: Soylent… where next?

Keynote: Soylent… where next?

One of the most exciting players in the fast-growing meal replacement space, Soylent built its business – and a highly engaged community – online, first on its own website, and later on Amazon, but has recently ventured into the bricks and mortar space via a deal with 7-Eleven.

But it hasn’t all been plain sailing for the brand, which has both intrigued and baffled trend-watchers, given that its sterile packaging and utilitarian ‘food as fuel’ approach appears to fly in the face of the culinary trend towards ‘minimally processed’ whole foods that are inherently nutritious rather than fortified with nutrients.

New CEO Bryan Crowley explains where the brand is going next…


Bryan Crowley Bryan Crowley CEO

Elaine Watson Elaine Watson Editor