Bridging the gap: Kommunity Brew hopes new probiotic drink can combine taste and health benefits

By Hazel Tang

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Kommunity Brew Probiotic Sparkling Water.
Kommunity Brew Probiotic Sparkling Water.

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Australian Kombucha firm Kommunity Brew is venturing into the hydration and probiotic drink space as it seeks to grow nationwide.

The brand places significant value on its partnerships with independent grocers run by mainly families or locals, emphasising a shared sense of purpose and values.

CEO Mason Bagios reveals that Kommunity Brew currently has a limited presence in mainstream supermarkets, specifically Coles in western Australia.

However, Begios highlights the mutual commitment of Kommunity Brew and independent grocers to fostering close connections and respecting communities.

Despite the challenges posed by inflation, both entities strive to provide high-quality and authentic products that are both satisfying and affordable.

“We want to be a brand that makes products for Australian families and communities. The independently owned chains have always been supportive of grassroot efforts and businesses. We want to make sure that relationship is always respected,”​ shares Bagios with FoodNavigator Asia​.

Moreover, Bagios notes a decline of soft-drink style packaged Kombucha brands in the mainstream market whereas traditionally brewed Kombucha are enjoying double digit growth in independent chains.

“On a year-on-year basis, we have seen over 20% growth in our core products. This indicates that although the Kombucha category is shrinking, our products are performing exceptionally in independent grocers in more than 700 locations.”

The upcoming iced tea and probiotic drink beverages

As such, Bagios envisions substantial growth potential for Kommunity Brew, given the brand’s commitment to producing quality products that are delicious and healthy for consumers.

To capitalise on this vision, the company plans to introduce two new beverages – a zero sugar iced tea and a probiotic drink – by 2024.

In highlighting the iced tea venture, Bagios points out that conventional perceptions often associate iced tea with high sugar content and carbonation, despite tea itself being recognised for its health benefits due to its rich antioxidant content.

Kommunity Brew is challenging the stereotype by positioning its iced tea as a 100% natural, healthy refreshment. Simultaneously, the rising trend of functional foods, is driving Kommunity Brew to go deeper with probiotics.

“We have seen significant growth in products directly communicating health benefits, and towards immunity function, which makes sense, given the COVID-19 pandemic and ageing demographic. So, the probiotic drink is our effort to bridge the gap between health benefits and taste, catering to the evolving preferences of health-conscious consumers.”

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