Givaudan reveals the five consumer macro trends that will transform ‘confusion and disruption into certainty and opportunity’

By Gill Hyslop

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Pic: Givaudan
Pic: Givaudan

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The world is currently fraught with uncertainties, ranging from economic and political instability to the ongoing threat of climate change and supply chain shortages. Along with the ever-present shadow of Covid-19, these factors are impacting people’s behaviours, values and even taste preferences.

The Swiss-headquartered multinational flavour house has updated its proprietary trendscaping tool, developed over 15 years ago to help food manufacturing make sense of the ever-evolving landscape.

Working with consumer insight agency Canvas8 for the first time, Givaudan’s 2023 FlavourVision report has identified five consumer macro trends that have the potential to turn market disruption into opportunities.

As the benchmark consumer trend platform in the industry, the FlavourVision update serves as a tool to help producers decipher and understand how consumer behaviours and product development may be affected.

The report is founded on over 70 global drivers of change based on data from 33,000 consumers in 25 markets articulating changes in society, politics, economics, environment and technology and their implications for consumer attitudes and behaviours.

In addition to gathering data from around the globe, the 2023 release draws on the expertise of five trend ambassadors from outside the world of food and beverage.

Each macro trend was analysed, explored and developed by an expert using their specific experience within the fields of design, anthropology, futurology, holistic-wellbeing, sustainability and sensorial research. To ensure relevancy, the macro-trends were then validated and futureproofed with the help of experts and futurists from the F&B industry.

The top five trends of tomorrow

The company’s research identified five key trends driving developments in food and beverages:

Green for me

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Consumers are rapidly turning to eco-actions that feel personal and relevant, and products that deliver on the promise of ‘better’ - in terms of cost, convenience, quality and sustainability - are gaining traction.

Restorative care

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Greater knowledge and declining trust in traditional healthcare institutions means people are looking for holistic and personalised health and wellness solutions. They are adopting a more intuitive approach to their health.

Stable connections

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With global distrust and instability, people are finding comfort in familiarity - whether that’s in localised identifies, ideas of the past or digital connections. They are looking for a sense of stability and continuity and are leaning on hyper-local and me-first mindsets.

Sensorial renaissance

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Consumers want to ‘feel’ more and, as such, are seeking out products that will expand the boundaries of what is expected and possible. They want multi-sensory, immersive experiences that provide a sense of escapism or greater engagement.

Augmented assistance

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Developed in consultation with cyborg anthropologist Amber Case - one of the most influential women in technology - this trend details the many ways consumers are seeking to leverage technology to help navigate the frenetic demands of daily life. They are looking for proactive and personalised digital tools that will optimise life in creative and convenient ways.

Depth of insight

The other experts drafted by Givaudan for the 2023 FlavourVision report were Julia Scott (integrative health) - noted for her insight in the BBC’s documentary series on the future of food and health, called ‘Follow the Food’; Dr Patsy Ramirez-Arroyo (sustainability and eco-food trends); sensorial specialist Dr Barry Smith and design consultant and consumer trend practitioner Xiaojing Huang.

“This new edition builds on the success we’ve had with the FlavourVision programme since it was established over 15 years ago,” ​said Thomas Ullram, global marketing director at Givaudan Taste & Wellbeing.

“The depth of insight in this new update is remarkable and provides such valuable knowledge that will really help in co-creating innovative food experiences.

“A culmination of extensive global research, data analysis, and vast expertise, FlavourVision acts as a guiding light for partners and customers, empowering them to transform confusion and disruption into certainty and opportunity in line with consumer needs and desires.”

Using these insights, Givaudan works closely with customers to turn vision into reality, decoding the trends and drawing on the latest ingredients and taste technologies to generate successful innovations that connect with consumers and their evolving needs.

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