Profile series: Innovators in low/no alcohol

My Drynuary: 'Idaho is a pretty amazing place to brew non-alcoholic craft beer'

By Rachel Arthur

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My Drynuary: Atmos Brewing Co

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Our profile series celebrates movers and shakers in the low/no alcohol industry. Paul Holle, head brewer and owner of Idaho's Sawtooth Brewery, shares how the brewery has expanded into non-alcoholic options with Atmos Brewing Co.

BD: Introduce us to Atmos Brewing Co...


Atmos Brewing Co. was founded in 2020 by Sawtooth Brewery as Idaho's first Non-Alcoholic craft beer brand. Between local athletes and bar staff looking for better non-alcoholic beers we had been exploring the idea for a while and finally found a process that we liked.

What sets your brand apart from the rest?

Idaho is a pretty amazing place to brew beer. Our hops mostly come from 3 hours to the west, our barley from 3 hours to the east, and we use surface water that falls within 40 miles of the brewery. Atmos is also part of the Sawtooth Brewery Brand Family, so we are able to develop through full strength beers and non-alcoholic beers.

What does your job involve?

I am the Head Brewer and Owner of Sawtooth Brewery. I get to do a little of a lot of things, everything from brewing to helping in the kitchen and marketing.

Where can we find your brews?

We are available in Idaho, Montana, New York, and LA as well as nationwide at Total Wine and available online through our website It is great to see the growth happening in Idaho with 16oz NA Cans! It has been a surprise to a lot of people in the industry that it is a product that people are looking for!

How do you expect to see the low/no market evolve in 2023? 

In a time of slowing of the craft beer scene, NA Beer has been a growth category. It is still a small category, but there more attention to the segment, so I think we will start to see more offerings, more shelf space, and more consideration given at restaurants and bars to having high-quality options. As more specific attention is given, more development and growth will happen to help normalize and mainstream NA Beer options.

What are your plans for January and beyond? 

This January, we have launched subscriptions so your Atmos beers show up when you need them! We hope to roll out a few additional releases throughout the year.

What inspires you on your low/no alcohol journey? 

It is exciting to see people focusing on their health and the health of others while still providing diversity and quality in the offerings. It helps to reduce the stigma of non-alcoholic beers, not drinking, and just allowing people to reduce alcohol consumption for any reason while still maintaining the aspects of their life they enjoy.

What’s your favorite Atmos brew?

Atmos Kora Double Hop IPA. I'm a bit of a hophead, so having a solid double IPA hits the spot for me. I got my hops and my mornings!

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